Fashion Rensizzle looking at gender stereotypes at FIT exhibit, “PINK”

Analyzing Gender Roles and Color

On Friday, December 14, 2018 the Fashion Rensizzle explored our definitions of fashion, read the article, “When Did Girls Start Wearing Pink?” and went to the Fashion Institute of Technology’s exhibit on, “Pink”. There we looked at examples of fashion that both reinforce and challenge gender stereotypes.

Gender conforming starts early with young girls. Students noted how even calculators marketed to girls were in pink.
The color pink has been used to send political messages for campaigns around public health issues such as HIV/AIDS in recent years. The pink triangle originally used in Nazi concentration camps to identify gay men is transformed into a symbol of the importance of education and dialogue.

The DARK Side of Fashion

Students explored what goes into the fashion they enjoy by reading articles. Some read an article on sweatshops while others delved into the pressure models face to be extremely think in the US. They “discussed” these pieces by creating dialogue journals with their peers.

Some reflections from students: Some reflections from students:

  • “I agree with you all of you. Kids should not be working at such a young age. They should be going to school, instead of being beaten in a sweatshop.” –Kalliopi
  • “It is startling that models are dying to look perfect.” –Jocelyn
  • “I was surprised that when models starve themselves they can get mental illnesses.” – Ariel
  • “I wish models would care more about their health than people thinking they are beautiful.”– Emma

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