FridayDec 14th7:15am- 4pm Howe Cavern
 Essential Question: How are Caves formed?  Describe how different types of geologic cave features form. 
Skills:CCSS Writing Standards for Science: Key idea 10NYS Earth Science Standard 7 and Standard 4; Key idea 2.1 and 3.1 Writing component:Note-taking; shared inquiry process; forming opinions on important issue of the day.  
Creating fact-based arguments for and against; collecting evidence, supporting arguments with evidence. Activity:Tour of cave Stalactites, Stalagmites, Flow Stone, gem mining Underground waterfall  What to bring:Warm clothing, sneakers, lunch, optional $20 
MondayDec 17th  Central Park Glacial Features 
Essential Question: What evidence in Central Park supports the theory that glaciers formed NYC? 
Skills:CCSS Reading Standard for Literacy in Science      Key Idea(s): 3, 8 and 9 CCSS Writing Standard for Literacy in Science      Key Idea(s): 10NYS Earth Science Standard 4; Key Idea(s) 2 and 3.1  
Transportation: SubwayStudents arrive at: 9:00 amDeparture time: 10:00 amReturn time: 3-4 am 11:40- 12:15 break for lunch: Bagged lunch or lunch Deli ($15) Start at 12:30 and walk from Museum to Explore NYC’s Central Park and it’s Bedrock outcrops, erratic’s and Plucking site Using a compass to determine direction the glacier came from  Students will need: Journal CameraWarm and appropriate clothing  (sweaters, appropriate foot wear, hats, scarf’s, gloves, jackets)Bagged lunch or money ($15) 
Tuesday Dec 18thSterling Hill Mining Museum 
Essential Question:  How do humans rely on minerals and rocks for the economy and where does it come from?  
Skills: CCSS Writing Standards for Science     Key Idea(s): 10NYS Earth Science Standard 7 and Standard 4; Key Idea(s) 2.1 and 3.1 
Students arrive: 7:30 am Bus departure time: 8:30 amHow long will it take to get to Sterling?Time of arrival to Sterling: 10 amReturn time: 4- 4:30 pm  Sterling Hill Mining Museum973-209-646330 Plant StreetOgdensburg, NJ 07439 16 students @ $12 per student 2 adults $9 for both teachers Total est. $75 Tour of mine“glow-in the dark” fluorescent mineralsRock discovery centerFossil Discovery centerTour the museum Students will need: JournalCameraDress appropriate for weather: Dress warm, It’s November!!Lunch: Bring bagged lunch, they have a snack bar as well ($20)They have a souvenir shop!
WednesdayDec 19th  Hiking in Adirondack mountains Bear Mountain 
Essential Question: What evidence at Bear Mountain supports the theory that glaciers formed here and moved toward NYC? What evidence exists that supports Bear Mountain has undergone chemical and physical weathering? What characteristics are visible that supports the rocks are metamorphic and Igneous?  

Arrive at 9:00Come back at 3:10Bring lunch 
ThursdayDec 20th  Essential Question: Reflect on your experience with Rensizzle: Geology NY.   
Skills:CCSS Writing Standards for Literacy in Science      Key Idea(s): 2, 4, 8 and 10 NYS Earth Science Standard 4; Key Idea(s) 2.1 and 3.1 
Revisit all trips and experiences Create video presentation  Each group contributes their presentations  Compile pictures and Captions.
Read NY Times Article, compare and contrast your experience to the article, then describe one experience you think we should add for next year.