The video of our learning in Rensizzle 2018!

Day 1: Friday, December 14, 2018

On Friday morning we interviewed Lynn Goldsmith . She was a famous photographer back in the 1990’s . Everyone views life differently but Lynn Goldsmith said that in her view ” Everyone is born an artist . Life either beats it out of out of you or you use it to beat life.” She mentioned this to explain that everyone faces life differently and finds different ways to solve their conflict but, sometimes life is complicated . The interview was very interesting because we realized that everyone can accomplish many desires in the world. ~Wendy & Jenesa

Lynn Goldsmith, Rock & Roll Photographer

“Friday afternoon:  We took the subway to a huge building that appeared to take up the whole block [where Yahoo & Tumblr Studios are]. We went inside and noticed these somewhat electronic gates. We were led to the elevator by a tour guide. First we went upstairs to the offices of people. After we passed through we went to a studio with a bunch of cameras everywhere. Then we left and went to a studio called yahoo news. We did this after we ate food at the buffet. We sat at the chairs of the studio and got pictures taken of us. Then after that we left the building. In my opinion I think it was a fun and new experience.”   ~Stephany M, Yiannis

Day 2: Monday, December 17, 2018

“The Brooklyn Art Museum is a place where they hold sketchbooks from all around the world. When we went there we got to look at some sketchbooks to get an idea of what we draw in ours. We saw some tools that artists use to draw. The oldest sketchbooks are about 12 years old. It was a very fun and interesting experience because it was nice to look at the art and talent from people all over the world.” ~Angela, Jozabed

“During Monday afternoon we drew, wrote, and made collages in sketchbooks that we got from the Brooklyn Art Library. The sketchbooks are small in size and support many different mediums. We drew all sorts of things that interest us. Such as celebrities, facial features, really just anything. We used stamps, pens, oil pastels, markers, color pencils, and many more mediums to make our artwork. Some of us wrote poems, quotes, and stories in our books. We made collages and tried out some new things like pop ups and glitter.We all have very different and interesting features in our books. We all will take different paths but we do have one thing in common which is creating.” ~Tenzin C; ErikaQ

“On Monday we went to the Brooklyn Art Library. We met the librarian and she told us that people across the world send their scrapbook to them and they sit on the shelfs for days,months and years just waiting for some one to take another look in them. I searched gaming to see what people made and liked favorite picture was a skeleton man in a suit with a cigarette in his mouth and a eye ball figure in the back.The librarian gave us scrapbooks and we got to make our own. I love to draw FNAF characters.” ~Matthew 

Day 3: We spent the morning drawing in our sketchbooks. In the afternoon, a pianist and producer Dylan Maida, who graduated from TRCS, visited. He shared some of his music and music videos, and we talked about how music is made these days. Issues such as sampling and intellectual property came up.

Day 4: Wednesday, December 19. In the morning, we went to the Noguchi Museum. It is a special place devoted to one artist, Isamo Noguchi, and designed by him as well. His sculptures are abstract, and we talked about the impact of abstract art on viewers. We also got to try making abstract art of our own with clay.

On Wednesday afternoon, we interviewed three Renaissance graduates who have moved to Los Angeles and are pursuing careers in the arts: acting, television/radio hosting, and photography. They were inspiring, because they shared their real stories of how they have persisted past obstacles, supported each other, and moved forward in their careers.

Roman, photographer, Francois, journalist/event host, and Jonathan, actor

On Thursday, we spent the morning editing the video we’d been creating of our experience and learning across the week.