Group Name: Animal Care
Adult Leader/s: Riaad Etheridge
Student Participants:
1. Michael Caravel
2.Carlos Gallego
3. Nathalie Messier
4. Alison Reid
5. Cassius Brown
6. Wallace Dibble
7. Alexandria Martson
8. Daniella Morjica
9. Corinne Stonebraker
10. Annie Dutta
11. Dorjee Gyaltsen
1. To visit establishments where animals are found and to investigate issues that are faced with animals in NYS.
2. To produce an animal magazine with articles on areas visited during the week.
Monday 05/07/12-Visit to Manhattan Animal Care Center-326 East 110 Street.
Tuesday 05/08/12-Visit to the NYC Aquarium in Brooklyn.
Wednesday 05/09/12-Visit the Bronx School.
Thursday-05/10/12 Visit Bideawee, 410 East 38st NY and Animal Haven, 251 Center Street, Manhattan.
Friday 05/11/12-Prepare report and presentation to school assembly.