Adult leaders: Riaad & Natalie

Students explore terrestrial and aquatic animals in the world, look at some endangered species and research conservation practices that are used to save these animals.

Monday 10/26/15
We toured Central Park. It was walking a lot. Started out at 5th Avenue 59th Street, take a look at the Children Zoo from 5th Avenue(we did not want to pay to go in) since we are going to the Bronx Zoo, we saw many sheep, goats and swine. We then went to Belvedere Castle. It looked just like a Castle. We went to the top and had a magnificent view of Central Park. We saw a huge Bird flying way into the sky probably a falcon or one of the resident Bald Eagle.
From the balcony of Belvedere Castle we say many mallards and turtle in Turtle Pond. We headed further North to The Conservatory Garden. Although we are in fall, we can still see the Magnificence of this diversified Garden with its many different flowers and plants and the animal life that goes with it. We also saw a small pond with many fish mainly koi.

central park.jpg
Animals NYC boys playing in central park 10/26/15
central park1.jpg

Turtle pond from top of Belvedere Castle
Catherine On 2nd floor of Belvedere Castleral


Luc and Nija on top of Belvadere Castle
Koi pond-Central Park
Valeria and Milena on top of Belvedere Castle

Tuesday 10/27/15
After a long train ride with the F train we arrived at the NY Aquarium. They have a lot of construction going on. Remember they were hit hard with hurricane Sandy, and they have rebuilt since. . We started off by looking at a 4 D film Sponge Bob and the Great Jelly Rescue. It was a thoroughly enjoyed 4D experience. We then toured the Aquarium saw a lot of corals, many tropical fish and sharks.
We ended the trip by looking at a show with the Sea Lions, Bruiser and Osbourne. Really fascinating performance!

Tropical Fish at NY Aquarium
Wednesday 10/28/15
We visited the American Museum of Natural History and we started out on the 4th floor and viewed ‘Life at the Limits Stories of Amazing Species. There was live animals, models, videos and interactive displays to explore the wide diversity of organisms across the world. We saw how organisms evolved with features of adaptability. It was an amazing display.
We then went on to look at vertebrate evolution along the years, saw a video showing the evolutionary tree along the years. We also went to the Agrican Mammals permanent display and saw real life animals on the 3rd and 2nd floors. We conclude our tour with a visit to the North American Mammal exhibition and here again there were real life animals on display. Everybody enjoyed the exhibitions.
A Dinosaur Fossil-AMNH

Sitting atop a large beetle at the Life at the Limits exhibit at the AMNH.

This is a wasp’s nest-They have many apartments in here. What about being bitten by one of these creatures.
Animals NYC -Group below African Elephants

Thursday 10/29/15
The Bronx Zoo
We all went to the Bronx Zoo. We all started by going to Madagascar where we saw some exotic animals. We saw the seals, the attendants were attending to one of them. Many other seals were very concerned and came looking. We then all went on the carousal where every one choose their favorite bug ride.
We then went and saw the 4D movie Rio- We saw a problem in the wild (Birds). The birds were being illegally captured and were traded in Brazil.They were capturing these birds for a profit internationally. Also, they thought they were going to get a load of money with the endangered species called,”Blue Macaws”. Then, the two last Blue Macaws escaped captivity together and then they went back to their habitat and reproduced at the end.
We didn’t have to leave NYC to tour the animals of Asia. We got into a monorail that gave us a tour of some of the animals in the zoo that touched India, Pakistan, Nepal, Mongolia, and China. For example, we saw some animals that were extinct like the primitive horse from Mongolia that are only found in captivity.
Tapirs-Tropical rain-forest cows.
This is a leopard found in a tropical rain forest in South America.
What about being a farmer collecting hay?
Some of the group on the monorail, which took us through Asia.

What about a ride on a turtle.
Natalie’s hedgehog Pi came to visit TRCS on Friday.