=The Renaissance Charter School’s Rensizzle Enrichment Program is from=

Tuesday, Nov. 13th to Wednesday, Nov. 21st.

Rensizzle Website Awards.pdf
Rensizzle Website Awards.pdf

Rensizzle Website Awards.pdf

Rensizzle Website Awards

This Google Map documents the Trips and Experiences our clusters have had during Rensizzle Week 2007.

Rensizzle Clusters:
**Credit Recovery**/Regents/RCT : Catch up on your credits! Work with staff members to make up credit, catch up and study for your Regents and RCT exams. In a supportive environment you can take the steps you need to get ahead!

PIY (Print It Yourself) Want to learn how to Do It Yourself when it comes to making things? Learn how to make buttons, posters, t-shirts, zines, flyers and websites in this interactive, hands on group. We will work with Misled Youth collective and other artists to show you how to create whatever you can imagine.

external image kids%20video%20game%20cover.jpg
external image kids%20video%20game%20cover.jpg

Video Games and Technology

Video Zombies? Nahhh…We are middle school students who aren’t just playing video games for a week. We rate games, evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of video games. We learn about the history and future of technology and gaming through the inputs and through our trips at Sony Wonder and The Museum of Moving Images We see to it that there is a balance of gaming, academic and social life during these Rensizzle days.

Dance “Quick with the Feet!” Learn moves and routines with this high-energy group. You will learn the basics of dance and put together routines which combine multiple styles.

Culinary Arts How do you run a restaurant, create a menu, get the best raw materials and make incredible food? Learn along with our guest chef Jerry Goldman from BR Guest http://www.brguestrestaurants.com/, which runs 13 restaurants across NYC and North America. Visit professional kitchens, see production facilities and learning the art of being a chef.

TRCS News: Making a satiric news production, along the lines of Saturday Night Live.

**Directing and Film Making** Learn the different aspects of producing, directing, filming, lighting, and editing a film. Meet a distinguished filmmaker of the Tribecca Film festival. The end product will be a documentary of yourself to show to your peers and hopefully include in your college applications.

Senior College Bound – Seniors who want to get on top of the College/Scholarship application process, or who need help with upcoming interviews, FAFSA, and anything else that pertains to college, should sign up for this Rensizzle, where you will have the opportunity for extensive personalized guidance in these areas.

Art in NY -. Students will learn all about the art world of New York City. Visit the MoMA, the Museum of African Art, 5 Points, various galleries in Chelsea, and meet working artists in their own studio spaces.

Music Production (updated)/Singing/Record Label – In the past our school’s record label has put out quality albums and mixtapes on CD. If you would like to get into the booth and “lay down a couple of tracks,” or if you have some musical production/playing skills, then this is a great opportunity for you to be heard.

Volunteer for Change Do you want to help make a difference? This group will help students get involved in working for charities and social change groups in NYC. Students will volunteer and work all week with groups of their choice.

Gamemaker: Learn to make simple computer games using free downloadable software. This is all about game creation, not video game playing.

Queenz Diamonds** The Queenz Diamonds is our schools illustrious Magazine, with articles covering topics such as: the way to spend a perfect day in Manhattan, Great Restaurants around the area, Movie Reviews, Clothing Trends in our School, Advice columns, etc. Your week will be spent searching for these stories, and then reporting back to your school mates.

Picnic in the Park – This cluster takes place entirely outdoors (as the name implies). Picnic in the Park is a very light-hearted Rensizzle where enjoy games of pick-up basketball, or touch-football, or even Frisbee. Students will create a record of their journey across NY to share for the rest of the school.

Athletics** – A week dedicated to playing and talking about sports. This group is always full, which means games of football and basketball will have ample competition. This Rensizzle takes place primarily at the park, so it is imperative that you take this into consideration.

Parkour – This Rensizzle is all about the “freestyle walk,” as illustrated in Nike and Mountain Dew Commercials. This is a physically hardcore Rensizzle that takes place primarily at the park, so it is imperative that this is taken into consideration.

Young Women’s Group : Want to know more about what it means to be a woman? You’ll discuss women in politics, music, sports, the media, body image, gender roles and stereotypes, sexual health and rights, college and career choices an empowerment.

Exploring Caribbean-Latino Culture in New York City – Our objective in this Rensizzle group, is to explore and learn about Caribbean-Latino (Puerto Rican & Dominican in particular) culture around New York City. We want to go to different restaurants that serve and specialize in Caribbean-Latino cooking. We would also like to visit museums that focus on the history of these types of ethnicities. Through a variety of trips and visiting these places, we will learn about the culture, history and perhaps even about the countries themselves, right here in New York City. We plan to go mostly to areas outside of Queens, particularly to Uptown Manhattan & the Bronx.

Cycling This is a very physically demanding cluster, however anyone who knows how to ride a bicycle well is encouraged to sign-up. This group will take long trips around New York City on their bicycles!

Hip Hop: If you want to know the history of Hip Hop, make beats, visit the birthplace of Hip Hop, the South Bronx, visit the Nuyorican Poets Café and learn the true culture of Hip Hop, this your group.

MS Athletics – A week dedicated to playing and talking about sports. This group is always full, which means games of football and basketball will have ample competition. This Rensizzle takes place primarily at the park, so it is imperative that you take this into consideration. This middle school version will be age-appropriate as 7th and 8th graders will play with eachother.

MS Culinary Arts

rensizzle docs.doc
rensizzle docs.doc

rensizzle docs.doc

This document includes the Student Input forms, the Cluster Curriculum Sheet and the Successful Cluster Tips sheet.