To see examples of street art and learn how graffiti artists have depicted social justice issues with their art. Consider:

Is graffiti considered artwork? ● What are the risks, if any, in graffiti artwork? ● How is graffiti or street art used a mean to convey a message? ● How is graffiti or street art used to represent a person/one’s identity? An idea? Etc. ● What can we learn from graffiti?

Creating our 2017 mural with street artist Kwende Waller.

Teacher/s: Shahreen & Dhariana

Students: Nathalie Salazar, Nelray Llanos, Tiffany Palaguachi, Ruksana Ruhee, Darren Dominguez, Jayden Gonzalez, Pablor Mancheno, Sushanna Ojha, Destiny, Ovalles, Nicole Recalde, Destiny Solis, Jessica Villalba, Mathew Barrios, Santiago, Jimenez, Trevlor Pena, David Da Silva, Mason Maletti, Dario Molina, Hamza Ridonane.

Schedule of Activities:

• In the mornings, we will spend time reviewing the history of graffiti art (Monday) and we will expose students to a variety of artists/artwork/ neighborhoods we will be visiting (Tues-Thurs) In the afternoons, we will either be watching documentaries or visiting locations throughout NYC (South Bronx, Queens, Harlem, Lower East Side, and Brooklyn)
Before: ● Students will learn about the history of graffiti and street art in NYC. ● Students will also look at a number of artwork and be exposed to artists who are known for their graffiti work.
● Students will learn about why people have used graffiti as a means of
communication/communicating a message.
● Students will decide whether graffiti can be called art and what they can learn from
studying graffiti artwork.
● Students will learn about how graffiti can be used to convey a message or used to
represent one’s identity, an idea, etc.
● Students will visit various neighborhoods around NYC to see artwork and interpret
meaning, what are the artists showcasing? What is their message? Etc.
● Students will reflect on their various works seen and make meaning based on what the
artists’ intentions were or the messages they may have been conveying,
● Students will create final assignments in which they have the option of creating their own
graffiti/street art or creating a collage of photographs/images that represent an idea,
expression, their own identity, etc.

Photo-Videos/ Blogs/ Reflections/ Links/ Final Product:

Creating the back-drop for Musical Theatre Rensizzle, with Kwende Waller.

Creating the back-drop for the Musical Theatre Rensizzle; West Side Story!

Check out our power-point of the week!
Graffiti Rensizzle 2017