High School: Michael, Anthony, Eury, Leslie, Dana, Elijah

Middle School: Giorvani, Joel M, Jasmine, Matija, Irsa, Ana, Daniel, Sabrina, Louis, Samdup, Melanie A

Teachers/Facilitators: Yaacov and Ram

Real angry birds.jpg
Click on the picture to know the real birds behind the game.


Learning Experiences:

Venue Learning Experiences Notes
11/26 M American Museum of Natural History Museum
1. Discovering the early beginnings of birds through the IMAX movie: Flying Monsters.
2. Distinguishing fish from mammals through their tails
3. Similarities and differences on the breathing mechanism of mammals, birds, and fish
4. Observing / reading about marine life, animals, and plants.
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11/27 T Alley Pond Environment Center
1. Knowing more about wetlands.
2. Identifying plants and animals we see in a wetland.
3. Walking/hiking through a wetland and discovering the environment.
3. Testing the PH level, oxygen level, nitrogen and potassium level of the water in Alley pond.
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11/28 W Bronx Zoo
1. Seeing, observing, and reading more about the variety of bird collections in the zoo.
2. Observing a variety of birds of prey, and marine birds.
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11/29 Th Brooklyn Botanical Garden
1. Observing plants in North American dessert.
2. Observing plants in an African dessert.
3. Observing plants in a rainforest environment.
4. Discussing the adaptation of plants regarding the environment.
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11/30 F TRCS / Jackson Heights 1. Sharing what we learned in a week.
2. Discussing issues about birds and marine life.
3. Celebrate our success.
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Birds in Central Park, NYC

Birds nyc.jpg
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Student Type of Report Link to attachment or details
Michael Powerpoint show at googledocs
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Dana Powerpoint show at googledocs
EJ Written reflection/blog EJ ALLEY POND.doc
Giorvani MS Powerpoint Giorvani Birds and Marine life. Rensizzle.ppt
Samdup Poem samdup reflection 1.jpgsamdup reflection 2.jpg
Melanie A
Matija Poem RENSIZZLE POEM matija.doc
Irsa Written Reflection irsa reflection 2.jpgirsa reflection 1.jpg
Ana PowerPoint Angry Birds Rensizzle-97 version.ppt
Sabrina Written Report Sabrina BIRDS AND MARINE LIFE RENSIZZLE.doc
Matthew Poem matthew poem.jpg
Joel Sketches joel apec photo(1).JPGjoel bbg photo(3).JPGjoel bz photo.JPGjoel bbg photo(3).JPG
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