With Raymond & Richard

Alexander Darren
Ali Evan
Andrew Jose
Chelsea Kyre
Collin Melanie
Credo Tomas


Overview of schedule:

Monday Introduction to important components of a skyscraper and bridge. Watching video showing magnificent structures in action.
Tuesday Visited the Brooklyn Bridge to personally witness the magnificent structure in action.
Wednesday Visited the Liberty Science Center skyscraper exhibit, to learn about the obstacles and accomplishments during
the creation of the structure.
Thursday Applying what we learned, to practice. Building our own models of bridges and skyscrapers after learning
about the important components of the work of art.
Friday Working on presentation for school, summarizing all pf our experiences in a nutshell.

On Monday, Richard and Raymond showed us and explained different designs of different bridges located all around the globe. We studied designs and important components that help the bridge stand – like the anchors. We watched a video about a bridge in Santiago that is 8 miles long, and how it was a challenge. We also looked at the structures of skyscrapers around the world. After we watched the two videos we discussed, compared and contrasted between the structures of the bridges and skyscrapers. Bridges and skyscrapers have more in common than we know.
On Tuesday we went to the Brooklyn Bridge to put what we learned to reality. As we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, Richard and Raymond pointed out the important components of the bridge, showing us what we previously studied in class. After observing and enjoying the view of the magnificent structure, we had lunch. It was truly putting our classroom education to interactive experience.
On Wednesday we went to the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey. We got to the Center two hours after leaving the school. Too much traffic slowed us down from reaching our destination on time. We got a tour of the Skyscraper Exhibit that was very informative and fun. We got experience in walking on the beam of a building, as everyday construction workers do. It was very educational and interactive.
On Thursday we stayed in school to build our own models of skyscrapers or bridges. It was our choice. After learning about and experiencing these magnificent structures, we decided to do our own. Some made truss bridges, and some made skyscrapers. It was a very interactive and fun learning activity.
On Friday, we did some finishing touches and finalized all of our pieces to be their best. After finishing, we started to prepare our presentations to tell the rest of the groups about our educational experience overall; the Bridges and Skyscrapers Rensizzle group was an excellent experience.

  • Ali Jawwad