With Nicole and Natalie

Foodie culture is all around us in NYC.  How can we enjoy eating whole foods that are beneficial to our health? Students will explore the benefits of eating foods with whole ingredients and will explore the dangers of consuming processed fast food. Throughout the week we will explore whether food can be served fresh and also fast. What opportunities are available to those who want to work in the challenging and competitive restaurant industry? We will visit a variety of markets, explore food together and challenge our ideas about the food we consume. We will have hands-on opportunities to cook nutritious meals together as a group and journal our food experiences during the week. What’s all the hype about – are you really what you eat?

2019 Culinary Rensizzle!

Welcome to our 2019 Rensizzle page! We spent the week visiting trying new food from various cuisines. We also tried our hand at cooking. On Monday, we visited a vegan restaurant, Hartbreakers, in Brooklyn. We ventured out to Brooklyn again on Tuesday to eat at DeKalb Market. We tried many different dishes there. We also interviewed vendors and asked them about what it’s like to work with food. On Wednesday, we braved the cold at the Bryant Park Holiday Market. We stayed in to cook on Thursday, making breakfast, lunch, and dessert! We ended the week at the Museum of Food and Drink Lab, where the exhibition, Chow: Making the Chinese American Restaurant, was on display.

Please view presentations created by our group below!

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1i1zznr4TVXkO3pTAlKvkHXlufuDfeSpnz9pEubO_jBQ/edit?usp=sharing – PPT by Brandon Rodriguez, Andres Agudelo, Jeremiah Dasney, and Amaru Landron

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1rCVx7yOz7fdyn8ImicUwJ4857ksIs2TCsdG592R7tJA/edit?usp=sharing – PPT by Anthony Palta, Hasib Ahmed, and Masodul Haque

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Ad8RT-K53X6mH59LdssHCyJwfBc2Cww6IopPq-gavp0/edit?usp=sharing – PPT by Tahnaz Chowdhury, Janesh Soto, Destiny Solis, Jessica Martinez, Chasity Rodriguez

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1iMU-ok0TUU38HhiBxd5YQgqzStRRc3-NhkjHbusExhA/edit?usp=sharing – PPT by Emily, Reanne, Fatema, Himika, and Roksana

https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/11tW0lZozKNjDkWS1BIPIEWTDlcze3wOVqutrnq1hIqM/edit?usp=sharing – PPT by Sandrea, Chelsea, Caroline, and Melanie F

At Bryant Park!
Eating the food we made!
This is a vegan burger!
This is Chik’n that we had at Hartbreakers. It’s completely vegan!
At DeKalb Market!
The food we cooked! BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes with herbs, and mashed yams.
This is a vegan breakfast burrito.
Soup dumplings from DeKalb Market
DeKalb Market