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Rensizzle Students:

Alice Yoshida
Ana Llorens
Deyana Wilkerson
Diane Castillo
Allison Rodriguez
Madison Batista
Daniela Martinez
Sascha Botero
Alyssa Peralta
Jaime Ramirez
Pamela Arriaga
Melanie Hernandez
Naidym Mirandayanez
Priya Verma

Overview of schedule:

Today’s discussion:
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*Photo challenge for this week
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We also cooked, styled our dishes using backdrops and props and photographed them!
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The Lower East Side, on the southeastern edge of Downtown Manhattan, has come a long way from its working-class roots. At the turn of the 20th century, it was jam-packed with newly arrived immigrants. By the early 21st century, it had transitioned to a trendy food and nightlife destination. The Lower East Side remains diverse, with students and artists living alongside families from Asia. Its red-brick tenement buildings now house chic boutiques, upscale restaurants and hip bars. Visitors can still see a slice of the neighborhood’s past at the Tenement Museum, an interactive landmark housed in an 1863 apartment building. The F, J, M and Z subway lines stop nearby at the Essex-Delancey Street station.

Food print of our group
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Kossar’s -The bialy (of Polish descent) is an all-but-forgotten cousin of the bagel, though flatter and hole-less, and Kossar’s is an institution, having served the carb-bombs since 1936.
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Doughnut Plant-While you’ll find shops all over the city doing designer doughnuts these days, Doughnut Plant was the pioneer — and its creative version like carrot cake and tres leches are as delicious as ever.
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Economy Candy-NY kid’s fantasy, an candy emporium with every sort of gummy or chocolate you could imagine
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We visited Arthur Ave Market- Little Italy in the Bronx, NY

“Generations of Italian families have given the area a special small-town character unique for an urban setting, at the same time establishing traditions that permeate the neighborhood like the sweet smell of sausage and peppers. Among the notables born and raised here are actor Chazz Palminteri, author Don DiLillo and rock star Dion DiMucci, whose group, Dion and the Belmonts, is named after a local street (Belmont Avenue). Joe Pesci began his acting career after being discovered by Robert DeNiro at a local neighborhood restaurant, where Pesci worked as the maitre’d. Today the tradition continues with grandchildren and great-grandchildren remaining on Arthur Avenue, or returning here, to own and manage business begun by their immigrant ancestors. “Nearly every shop on Arthur Avenue is already some sort of institution,” as one writer put it. The vast array of markets, butchers, pasta and pastry shops is supported not only by long-time area residents but also their relatives and children from far and wide, who regularly return for the tastes and memories.”
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Photos, Videos, Writings, Blogs, Links:
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Thursday – Food styling & Food photography

Food Style 101 – DIY Props & Background
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Food Styling & Photo food photography project

1. Ana & Alice
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2. Alyssa
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3. Jaime
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4. Daniela
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5. Sascha
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6. Allison
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7. Priya
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Why does food photography and styling matter?

The purpose of food photography and styling is to advertise different meals in a beautiful and professional manner which will make the viewers interested in eating the food. The photo you use to advertise it is what the customer sees before making the decision to order it. You want to make a good first impression so that they will want to eat it. The way you style the food can change the whole photo. Certain angles and backgrounds make the food more appetizing. A good quality photo reflects how professional the establishment is.

Strategies in Food Photography

1. Make sure there is good lighting! You need to be aware of the different types of lighting: artificial, which is used when you are inside, and natural, which is using the sun. You want to make sure that the photo is not too bright or too dark. Taking a photo in a dimly lit restaurant or at night is probably not the best idea. You can change the way light is cast on the food by using backgrounds/ items to shield the light from certain angles.

2. Make sure you have good angles! Most photos are taken at either a 45 or 90 degree angle. You can decide whether you want to move the camera closer or farther away from the main subject. Different angles will also portray your lighting differently.

3. Position, props, and colors are very important in styling the perfect image. You need to make sure that you are focusing on the main subject, not on a random item in the background. You want it to stand out. You can use props to fill any empty space in the background, but be careful which props you choose. You don’t want the props to be larger or brighter than the main subject because this will distract from the focus of your photograph. You also want to make sure that you use the rule of thirds which applies to all types of photography and artwork.

How does food styling affect your photos?

Styling your food makes it more desirable. You want to make sure that people are craving that work of art, not thinking that it looks gross and messily put together. Presentation is very important in the culinary world. Every little detail is important. By focusing on the texture, color, and positioning of your main subject and the objects around it, you can tell the consumer a lot about the dish. You are able to tell a story and how the dish has developed over time.

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