Cluster Mission and Goals: To introduce students to varioius forms of dance, as well as teach the historical and cultural importance of dance in our lives. Students will have an opportunity to take classes, as well as see a live performance and view at least two films about dance.

Monday, October 27 –
Introduction to History of Dance and various dance forms.
Watched the documentary “First Position” about a ballet competition, and learned a few ballet combinations.
Native American dance class taught by DANZA CLUB members.

Tuesday, October 28 – Cultural & historical aspects of dance
Today we learned some ballroom and social dancing moves, and in the afternoon took a Jazz class at Broadway dance center.


Wednesday, October 29 -Learn the history of Flamenco and it’s place in Latin American culture.

We took a Falmenco Dance Class at Ballet Hispanico in the morning:

In the afternoon we went to an exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology, about how dance costuming has influenced fashion. In the evening we went to the Joyce Theatre to see Soledad Barrio & Noche Flamenca!

Thursday, October 30 -Understand how dance and rhythm are used to communicate in African cultures,
and how African dance has influenced contemporary dance styles.

We took an African dance class taught by FUMI in the AM, and in the PM we watched a movie about Pierre DuLaine called “Take the Lead” about how he introduced ballroom dancing to inner-city schools.