Playworks, founded in 1996, is a national nonprfit of professional adults teaching. They enforce physical and mental exercises to kids that they are working with; using games such as switch, one fish two fish and name tag. These games sharpen the kids mind to multitask and think faster. Our group, Student Care, went to P.S 133 to see for ourselves and experience what they actually do. We played with kids from K-5 playing tag, switch, one fish two fish (which is very similar to red light green light) and brought it back to the kids in our school. I the end it was tons of fun and the kids in our school was delighted with the
new type of experience, some of them even wanting to continue after we were done. Overall our experience in playworks was like a nothing we had seen before and fun in total.

Today we went to P.S. 133 in Brooklyn to learn techniques to work with younger students. Our trainers were Melba and Coach Charles from Playworks. They were really cool and great trainers.We will be posting youth organizations websites by the end of this week.