Today we went ice skating in Flushing Meadows Park. We decided to go ice skating because we wanted to celebrate what we did for other people instead for
ourselves. We also wanted to go ice skating because we wanted to have a fun trip at the end of the week. When we got to the ice skating rink it was freezing cold. We couldn’t even take off our shoes to put on our ice skates. When we got our ice skates it was a challenge to put the ice skates on. When we were putting on our ice skates we were all asking each other to help out the ice skates on. One student in the group didn’t want to ice skate because he was scared that he was going to fall. When we finally got on the ice a couple of people fell on their butts but it was okay because whoever fell got up and tried again. Our feet hurt a lot the first 15 minutes but we got over it when we were on the ice. It was time to go and when we got back to the school Liz and Chelsea ordered pizza for us. We waited 35 minutes for the pizza and we grew inpatient. When we got our pizza the pizza was nice hot and grecy. It was really good. We enjoyed our pizza. We had a nice day and some people feet still hurt .