Objectives: Take ownership of our own creativity to create our own D-I-Y Projects.
Personalizing our own space, creative skill as a means for creating capital, potential for creating something impressive with low financial/economic output, interpreting instructions and directions, empowering/autonomy, experiential value, customization of consumer products, creating healthier/cheaper versions of food items.

Edward Tan
Elinora Owen-Fardig

Students: Natalia Bustamente, Brian Cedeno, Ashley Estrella, Nawang Lama, Ysabella Aquino, Tomas Caride, Tenzing Dekyong, Brianna Guzman, Melanie Hernandez, Salet Nunez, Isabella Rodriguez, Maliha Zaman, Brian Bedoya, Julie Lema, Jessica Martinez, Jayden Patino, Chasity Rodriguez, Taron Sherpa.

working on Halloween Cards at Paper Source

Schedule of Activities:

-Introduction to DIY: Why DIY?
-Origami and Paper folding workshop with Grace Tan (spike ball, ninja star, fabric rose)

-Research DIY projects, make shopping lists, start planning
-Lunch at New World Mall
-Shopping for project materials at Michaels

-Work on DIY Projects: Halloween Decorations, Room Decor, Twine Balls Chandeliers, Jewelry Making, origami, crochet
-DIY Starbucks frappuccinos and smoothies!

-Card making workshop at Paper Source–we learned how to use washi tape, embossing powder and tools, and
-Lunch at Shake Shack
-Continue work on projects

-Finalize projects and present our week to fellow students! See display table and board below!

Photo-Videos/ Blogs/ Reflections/ Links/ Final Product:

image3 (1).JPG