Today our group went horseback riding again. Luckily, we arrived at the riding academy earlier than yesterday. That meant more time to ride and to groom the horses. One of the horses we groomed kept shifting her weight. Some horses people rode were going wacko! When everyone got back from riding the horses, we watched the horses in the turn out. Turn out is a space where the horses get to frolic, roll around in dirt, interact with other horses and have free time. We also had time to eat our food before we left. When our group arrived at school, we read articles based on the debate of whether or there should be NYC carriage horses. We compared and contrasted the positives & the negatives of NYC carriage horses. One positive is that the horses provide jobs for people. However, the city is not the environment horses belong in because they are prey and they get spooked easily. Before dismissal, there was a discussion on what we observed. Some students agreed that NYC carriage horses do not belong in the Big Apple. Others believe that the carriage horses should remain if and only if the conditions of which the horses are in, is improved.

1. “I’m looking forward to” activity

2. Departure – 9AM sharp!

3. Grooming/Riding/Lunch

4. Carriage Debate Articles

5. Debrief

Annmarie, Michelle, Daniella and Annie grooming and touching the horse.
Daniella, Corinne and Taine are ready for take off!

photo_5 (1).JPG
This pony is enjoying his/her free time and having mucho fun!

photo_3 (1).JPG
This horse is enjoying his break in the mud. WOOOO!
photo_2 (1).JPG
Look at Emmy, Corinne and Taine being amazing caretakers!
This beautiful horse let us groom her. She’s so cute!
The two beautiful white horses that everyone dreams about, with one of the workers.


  • “It was a better day than yesterday because it wasn’t raining and we trotted.” -Mariano
  • “I was happy it wasn’t raining because it would have been cold and uncomfortable.” -Corinne
  • “My horse was way better than the one I rode yesterday.” -Daniella
  • “My horse was very kind and calm.” -Annie
  • “When my horse stood up on it’s two hind legs, I thought I was going to fall off!” -Nusrat
  • “My leg got stuck and the guy told me ‘Well put it back!!’.” -Karol
  • “My horse was better than the sleepy one I had yesterday.” -Kimberly
  • “My horse was fast and I loved it when he trotted! Oh and Sandra said I’m a natural. Hahaha!” -Leslie
  • “I found it funny how Sandra’s horse was going crazy!” -Anonymous
  • “I had a lot of fun and loved the food.” -Ayana
  • “The most memorable thing of Wednesday was when a horse pushed me… really hard.” -Emmy
  • “When my horse trotted, I felt excited!” -Taine
  • “When my horse attacked the horse behind me, I felt excited yet scared at the same time.” -Marc