Group Name: Ethnic Enclave Exploration in NYC
Adult Leader/s: Pierre Dizon & Jason George

Student Members: Paul DeFelice, Anik Dutta, William Gomez, Glenn Wagner, Karen Balbin, Katherine Teran, Jason Ficeto, Marcus Marston, Chase Reinhardt, David Gordilo Garcia, Janelle Jones, & Faith Moyo.

Goals and Objectives:
-To teach students’ about NYC’s rich culture and history, which in turn, impacts modern society.

-To see how various neighborhoods are superbly diverse = very kaleidoscopic/melting pot, etc.
-Also, debunk many of the stereotypical myths about varying neighborhoods and cultures/people, which are often perpetuated in differing movies, T.V.
shows, magazines, and countless news mediums, etc.

– Researched the rich history andcultures the varying neighborhoods prior to visiting them. With that said, students were well-informed about culture &
history of NYC.
– Made various observations about the neighborhoods, and even interacted the “locals.”
– Had discussions – compared and contrast observations with research.
– We had first hand experiences through the foods/cuisine of the differing cultures.
– Utilizing throughout the week, students were asked to culminate their findings full-circle by correctively synthesizing their research with
hands-on/exploratory observations.

Photos/Pics/Blogs: – Ethnic Enclave Exploration in NYC Blog

Patel Brothers.JPG
Patel Brothers in Jackson Heights
Fruit in Indian Market.JPG
Fruit in Patel Brothers in Jackson Heights, Queens

Asian Market.JPG
Pacific Asian Market in Jackson Heights, Queens
Filipino Market.JPG
Phil-Am Market in Jackson Heights, NY
Byzantine Styled Furniture in Astoria, Queens

Greek Store.JPG
Greek Superstore in Astoria, Queens
Schomburg Center - Hughes.jpg
Schomburg Center Room in Harlem, NY

Schomburg Center.jpg
Schomburg Centrer for Research in Black Culture in Harlem, NY

Manna’s Soul Food Restaurant in Harlem, NY

Chinese Community Center.JPG
Brooklyn Chinese-American Community Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Roasted Meats in Chinese Food Restaurant – Sunset Park, Brooklyn
168 Friend’s Garden Chinese Food Restaurant in Sunset Park, Brooklyn

NYC Skyline.JPG
NYC Skyline from Sunset Park, Brooklyn

Albanian Store in Belmont, Bronx

Albanian Deli in Belmont, Bronx

EEENYC Group in Front of Arthur Ave. Marker in Belmont, Bronx

Grapes in Arthur Avenue Market in Belmont, Bronx

Produce in Arthur Avenue Market in Belmont, Bronx

Peppers in Arthur Avenue Market in Belmont, Bronx