Working on those essays.

Objectives: Students in the 12th grade, the Seniors, will experience an intense week of all things collegiate. They will work on their applications, resumes and essays. The seniors will attend a college fair where the representatives of various schools will be available to answer their questions about admissions, financial support, and the availability of courses they’d like to study. The students will tour Farmingdale State University, meet with the TRC CUNY representative, and receive a visit from Quinnipiac University personnel.

Teacher/s: Ana, Maura, Inti, Pat

Students: Andres, Mohammed, Stephanie, Kevin, Melanie, Haezy, Karen, Max, Ngawang, Nico, Steve, Kenia, Caitlin, Katherin, Valeria, Andrew, Victor, Alijah, Genesis, Mariano, Sebastian, Jasmine, Erick, Jordy, ana, Yui, Daniel, Melanie, Milena, Kayla, Maria, Chase, Stephanie, Geeta, Mariana, Sabrina, Louis, Samdup, Luke, Alice, Karina.

Schedule of events:

Monday: Attend a college fair at St. Joseph’s College’s Brooklyn campus.
Tuesday: Tour the Farmingdale State University campus on Long Island.
Wednesday: Meet with a CUNY representative at TRCS.
Thursday: Work on applications, resumes and essays.
Friday: Meet with a Quinnipiac representative at TRCS.

Photo-Videos/ Blogs/ Reflections/ Links/ Final Product: Quinnipiac University

College Fair: “Met a lot of different people.” “Found out some colleges didn’t know about what I asked them.” “But, the Adelphi rep really knew what he was talking about.” Andres became interested in Binghampton. Binghampton, Stony Brook and Geneseo have become even more competitive with the Excelsior Scholarship program. Positive experience with College Fair for an arts major, but also found out a lot of good information about schools in general..She now has 11 positive possibilities. “Felt it was very informative and answered questions I had.” Drexel gave one student misinformation, so double-check with a school’s webside.. Some reps are new. Macauly Honors’ person knew everything about it. Some reps were very enthusiastic; others, not so much. “Some even seemed mean.” “The SUNY rep was a positive person.” Seniors liked to be introduced to various colleges. “The College of St. Rose rep was SO nice.” Two students are actually going there for a visit, and the rep emailed them transportation information from NYC to Albany. Matthew liked the St. Lawrence rep. The Inter-American University of Puerto Rico,. with seven different locations across Puerto Rico, intrigued a couple of seniors. Nico had a good experience with the rep from SUNY at Brockport, who was informative about the diversity on their campus. Coming from a very diverse student body to a school with a white student majority, TRCS students will need support to transition.

One student, Jordy, is going to apply to Farmingdale. Some thought the location was good; far enough to dorm but close enough for frequent home visits. The Aviation program is excellent Seniors.liked the fact that you could get internships in your second year there,.particularly with TESLA. The college seemed affordable. State troopers are the campus police .Know the Honor Code and the rules of any school you attend. “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse”. Make sure there’s a Women’s Center. and other forms of student unions/groups. Farmingdale had lots of posters about Consent. Sit in quad/cafeteria and see who sits with whom. A lot of colleges have Mental Health Services. Farmingdale has an excellent reputation as a health and tech school.

Thursday: A full-out work day. Essays, resumes and applications. Ana is hoping some CUNY applications will be complete by Friday. Peers are editing each other and students are conferencing with Maura, Inti, and Ana. Some seniors have November 1 deadlines. The POSSE candidates are going to hear if they pass to the third round in the first week of November.

The Assistant Director of Admissions from Quinnipiac, Kayla Dayle, who is also the Multicultural Recruitment Coordinator., came to TRCS to speak to the Seniors about her school. (TRCS’s Kayla has actually visited the campus and said it was “beautiful”.) Ms. Dayle explained that their unique programs, which combine Undergraduate and graduate degrees that can be completed in less time with full benefits of both degrees, are highly competitive and she urged the interested students to apply to these as soon as possible. These programs can include a semester abroad and/or a semester in the QU in Los Angeles program. These programs are: Business BS/MBA 3+1 (4 years); Communications BA or BFA/MS 3+1 (4 years); BA or BS/JD degree with the Law School (6 years); BA or BS/Master of Arts in Teaching; and, Pre-Professional Advising for students interested in Pre-Medical or Pre-Law. All costs for QU. excluding books. is about $61,000 but Ms. Dayle said everybody gets some form of financial assistance.

Submit lunch forms for fee waivers.

IMG_0679.jpgTouring Farmingdale.

Listening to the tour guide.
Conferencing with Maura