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We are learning that fashion is a way to express yourself without saying anything. On the first day, we watched documentaries and Project Runway, taking notes on different styles. The second day we went to a museum and saw all these interesting things from clothes to fabric. -Giselle and Cynthia

Final Project:
For our final project we have to create a store window, to present our outfits or product. There are four groups, they each get their own window. Each with a different theme. For example there is ; hair and make up, shoes and accessories, avant garde to casual, and women’s wear. The purpose is to get people to stop and look at the windows.

The videos that we watched were how other designers made their clothing by looking at a picture that inspired them. Then they had one day to make a dress out of the picture that inspired their dress. With the image, they made a dress that matches or have the same pattern as the picture they used. They either used the same color, pattern, or idea to make the dress look like a copy of the picture. Also the last two videos were about the good to the bad of how a fashion window can
make a store have more class. -Raheem and Reggie

Our whole rensizzle group had no idea how to start our ideas for our window. So we thought of making inspiration boards like real designers so we know what we want to focus on. First, we went through many magazines to see what we wanted to put in our boards. We started cutting out all the styles we like. We put what inspired us on our boards. Then we all found out what designs we wanted to focus on during this week. -Nusrat and Sydney

Inspiration boards.jpg

Making inspiration boards

Our group read an article about what makes fashion controversial, by reading an article called “Fashion: History’s Shocking Styles”. The part of the article that I read was about chemise a la reine and it talked about history’s fashionistas daredevils and a lot about the controversies it brought to the queen and people of France. -Kilala

The fashion rensizzle went to the Museum of New York to see an exhibit for fashion through the mid 20th century. The building was very old and interesting. The materials varied from cotton to silk chiffon. Many designers today are inspired from vintage designs like the ones we saw. Many prints were tropical and the designers used bright colors. As you can see in the photos the prints have fish. -Wallace

Fish Fabric.jpgFish Fabric 2.jpg

After the museum of New York went to Grand Central and walked around. We passed a couple of windows but the one that inspired us was the Mac window. The color schemes and patterns were an eye popping adventure. We even spoke to the workers about there life stories Before they found Mac it was a touching moment that we will never forget. -Alicia, Jasmine, Emily, Jocelyn, Justine

MakeUp Window.jpg

Window shopping at a make up store

Our group sat down together and discussed our ideas for the window display. We looked at all the windows and saw many products on display. We got the idea by watching how they set the mannequins. We saw the most popular product on the window display had many other different products with them that were somewhat alike. They put the same clothing in different colors. Each mannequin had a different pose. Lastly we thought of the season and thought we should display warm clothes for the winter. -Ngawang and Geeta

All stores need a window so that their stores are successful. The purpose for a window is to persuade people to come in to the store and buy the product. To make your store more successful, you have to meet certain expectations. For example, your window has to have a clear message or theme. You also have to make sure that you have a repetition of poses and items so people can see different styles and varieties of colors. Be careful with your windows, you have to make sure that your product isn’t close to any walls or windows. Follow these steps to be sure that your window is strong and complete. -Andrew, Alix, and Sebastian


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Taking a tour at the Fashion Institute of Technology

Shoe Store.jpg

Window shopping at a shoe store