Adult Leader/s:Martha Bolivar
Student Participants:
1.Alicia Shepard
2.Emily Cruz
3.Ayana Vega
4. Jasmine Lamb
5. Gissel Garate
6. Briget Lagos
7. Ashley Bryant
8. Brielle Fantauzzi
9.Cynthia Tavarez
10. Veronica Testi
11. Giselle Ibanez
12. Bethany katehis
Goals/Objectives : Our goal is to pick a style that fits our personality or something we like. Throughout the week our goal is to go shopping and find something cheap to model also we will learn about different styles .On Friday we have to preform our look in a Fashion show hosted by our group leader Martha Bolivar . Finally to make our Fashion show successful and fun .



MondayOur group looked at several magazines , looked at different styles , and later we visited local stores around Jackson heights . We went into jewelery stores ,shoe stores but most importantly Stores with clothes.

TuesdayOn Tuesday we traveled all the way to SoHo and looked at many stores. We saw many different fashion styles . While we were there we visited local stores and some of the girls purchased some clothes for their outfits . We went into stores like American Apparel , Forever 21 , H&M , Dash , Sephora . While at these stores we tried on makeup and clothes for our Fashion show on Friday .

Wednesday – On this day we went to Queens center mall . We went last minute shopping for clothes and accessories . We had a fun time but we got really tired .

Thursday – We stayed in school and did our nails . We practiced our modeling and laid out our outfits to take pictures . We also picked songs for our Fashion show. We practice our walk to keep a steady pace to get better at it and we also described our outfits.

Friday – Today is the day to perform. We have to model our outfits for the Fashion show . Throughout the week we learned many things like how to combine colors and how to look Fashionable but obtain cheap clothes . Lastly we learned about different kinds of styles and found the style that best fits our personality .

Photos :