Group Name: Fitness, Health and Nutrition

Adult Leader/s: Tara Gangarossa and Yianna Vasciliou


Student Members:
Gabriela Ramirez, Driss Avadi, Camilla Cheng, Ngawang Choeyang, Uriarte, Ruth Uriarte, Geeta Sharma, Catherine Gargan, Emily Jerez, Helena Koffigoh, Karen Sandoval, Jotaro Tadeharo

Goals and Objectives:
Questions: What does it mean to be fit and healthy? How can we incorporate what we learn into our daily lives? What options are there for staying fit? Can I stay healthy and still eat things I enjoy?


Monday, October 21 – Introduce Fitness App – My Fitness Pal App (Free)

and view Supersize Me, documentary: supersizeme.jpg

Rensizzle Calorie Reports.docx

Food Diary/Journal for the week: Setting a goal for the week and keeping track of progress through the food diary/journal.

Write reaction paragraph to film.

Tuesday, October 22 – Rock Climbing at new facility in Long Island City.

Wednesday, October 23 – Trip to Bodies Exhibit in Times Square

Bodies Exhibit, Times Square

Thursday, October 24 – Trip to CrossFit Rapture and Gardiners Park, Long Island
gardniers park.jpg

Friday, October 25 – Yoga Hike in Central Park
End of week reflection – What we’ve learned how we can incorporate into our lives after this week.