Group Name: Girls Sports

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Adult Leader/s: Erin Chae / Lisjane Gaviria


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Student Participants:

1. Jennifer Semple

2. Airany Dominguez

3. Kezia Bomtempo

4. Dana Bong

5. Amber Caimares

6. Gabriella Jimenez

7. Kimberly Ortega

8. Kristina Shea

9. Tabasum Alam

10. Gavriella Arias.

11. Stephanie Montalvo.

12. Amanda Palomino

13. Julia Francione.

14. Jordan Hurley

15. Kimberly Guevara

16. Leslie-Ann Jerez G

17. Michele Rillon

18. Karol Vergara

19. Sidney Hamilton.

Goals/Objectives : Our Rensizzle group has come to understand that when it comes to girls sports, there is inequality we discussed how difficult it is for women to be equal in the male-dominated world of sport. Even though we live in the 21st century and women’s rights have been stressed out, we can’t seem to resolve this problem. After watching a film called, Bend It Like Beckham we understand that culture and religion play a big role in making decisions. It was clear that culture and religion can influence a women’s role in sports. Women are often labeled as sensitive and not capable of taking on activities that require strength. This changed our view on sports, especially girls sports because we came to the understanding of how important it is for women to have the same rights as men, and that is a problem women face today. They are not able to fulfill their dreams because of the expectations we have on them.

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Mon Tues Wed Thurs

Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer

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Walking for women’s equal right and opportunity

in sports (45mins)

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Walk from the school to Flushing Meadow Park

(2 hours)

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Watched movie, “Bend it like Beckham,” which portrays

how culture and religion can influence a woman’s role

in sports.

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Ice skating

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City Walk

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Dave and Buster’s

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Swimming Pool

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