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Our group is Hidden New York. We went on several trips throughout New York, to different landmarks to learn about their history that were right under New Yorkers’ eyes. Our group went to these 4 different hidden places to see and learn about them. Hidden NY is all about visiting places that are “hidden” under the naked eye of New York. Over the week we went to many different places scattered across New York such as Brooklyn, Manhattan and Roosevelt Island.

Teacher/s: Ali Rosow & James Drumgoole


Students: Izaiah Dasney, Jenelle Jones, Valeria Martinez, Erik Aucapina, Michael Chaparro, Lamont Moultrie, Jayson Albines, Colin Gargan, Brad Tenezaca, Hasib Ahmed, Steven Avila, Evan Diaz, Alexander Grochowski, Caiel Jean-Bart, John Jimenez, Naidym Miranda, Antyony Palta, Ghesar Phanday.

Schedule of Activities:

Schedule: Activity Aim/Intended Learning Outcome
Monday, Oct 23 Roosevelt Island walking tour To learn the hidden history of Roosevelt island and to understand why some buildings are landmarked
Tuesday, Oct 24 Underground tour of the NYC Subway To learn about the history of the subway system and why mass transit is important, to explore grand central station, to unearth some secrets of the WTC transportation hub
Wednesday, Oct 25 Greenwood Cemetary tour To discover hidden stories of famous people buried long ago. To visit the original inspiration for Central park, and to uncover various symbols hiding in greenwood.
Thursday, Oct 26 Underground railroad and slavery tour To explore slave history and underground railroad history in NYC
Friday, Oct 27 Work on presentation video. To synthesize all that we have seen, and convince our audience to go find Hidden New York.


Photo-Videos/ Blogs/ Reflections/ Links/ Final Product: Check out our awesome video!

Hidden New York