Group Name: Taking a Look Back at New York City

Adult Leader/s: Marta and Lisjane

Student Members:

Swizzy Baez Jasmine Hernandez Veronica Testi
Preston Lam Giselle Ibañez Bethany Katehis
David Rodriguez Nusrat Kamal Mohammed Zaman
Maria De Leon Anabelle Misislyan Shan Ara
Annie Dutta Nicholas Mizhquiri Nicholas La Bella
Rocio Garcia

Goals and Objectives:

  • Visit and explore places that contributed to the growth and history of NYC
  • Research important landmarks of New York City
  • Become aware of important individuals who contributed to the growth and history of New York City

Activities: We visited historical landmarks that are in all the four out of the five the Edgar Allen Poe cottage and Rufus Kings house


Beginning our journey through time of our New York City








My Trip of Historical Landmarks
By: Nicholas LaBella
I found the historical landmarks trip very interesting and fun. It was very fun to travel; I have never taken a train in my life before this trip. So, taking the train was a whole new ballgame for me, and I enjoyed it.It was very interesting to me. I had never realized how close these landmarks are to me, except the Brooklyn Bridge, I knew that was close.
Here is how my week went.

On Monday, we went to King’s Manor. It was the house of Rufus King. I enjoyed the tour, because I like seeing where historical people lived. We got to see the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen. The tour guide said that the living room was the biggest room in the house. I didn’t really understand the worksheets that the tour guide handed out at the end of the tour. After the tour ended we went to the gift shop, I got a post card of a Rufus King painting. When we left the manor, we were supposed to go to the Louis Armstrong house, but we didn’t have time. So we went back to school and went out to eat around the school.

On Tuesday, we went to Poe’s cottage, which was Edgar Allan Poe’s house. It was a really nice house. It looked small on the outside, but inside it wasn’t that small. I saw the bedroom that Poe’s wife died in, the living room, and then we went to another room where we watched a video about Poe’s Cottage. After that, we went to the gift shop. I bought a post card of the outside of the cottage. Then we left we went to the Bronx Botanical Garden. The flowers were really colorful, and it was a nice exhibit. After we left, it started to drizzle, and we made it to school before we got too wet.

On Wednesday, we went to the triangle shirt waist factory. It was pretty interesting to look at, but it was turned into a school, and we couldn’t go in because classes were going on. I counted the floors to see how high the girls jumped from, it was very high. After that we went to the Empire State Building. The Empire State Building was very cool; I liked when we went all the way up to the top and saw the view. I also realized that this is the actual place where they shot movies like Elf. I thought that those movies were made in Hollywood in a replica of what they thought the Empire State Building looked like. After we went to the Empire State Building, we went to the NYC Library. It was really big. It was the biggest library in NYC. It was very cool to see. After the NYC Library, we went back to school.

On Thursday, we went to the Jackie Robinson house. It was a really long walk, when we finally got there; we realized that somebody is living there now. So we took a picture and walked back to the subway, where we went out to eat at the McDonald’s across the street from the subway. Then we took the subway back to school.

On Friday, we went to the Louis Armstrong house. It was my favorite landmark of the week. I loved how they didn’t change any of the furniture, windows, paint, or anything, besides adding a gift shop. It was really cool to see his entire house the way he lived in it. The bathroom was the fanciest room, it was also very big. Also in the house, they had a walk in closet. That was cool too. After we saw the house, we hiked back to school and ate lunch around the school, then went back to school to work on the wiki, and the bulletin board.

That is how my week went.






Veronica Testi
This week has been amazing with the whole group. I had fun learning about my city’s history which I didn’t even think was important. We learned about writers and architects, even politicians like Rufus King. Every day was a new borough and every time I thought we were going somewhere I’ve already been, we found places that I didn’t even know were there. On Monday, we went to King Manor which was the house of Rufus King, a member of the Continental Congress who singed the Constitution. There was not much to see but I noticed the tools they used in the 1920s and realized that our generation is way more advanced.On Tuesday, where we went to the Bronx, we saw Edgar Allan Poe’s Cottage, the house that he bought for his wife AND cousin, Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe and also the New York Botanical Garden. They were both beautiful places which I’ve never been to and it felt strange going to that writer’s home with many of his belongings. The garden was breathtaking with so many works of art made by so many artists and strange plants found in other parts of the world. On Wednesday, we went to Manhattan where we visited the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, the Empire State Building and the NYC Library. Although we couldn’t see the factory since it was built in NYU grounds, the trip got better when we went to the Empire State. I took amazing pictures of the view and my friends and I were surprised by the amounts of tourists visiting. In the library, we admired the books and the gigantic place. The whole place looked like it was taken care of and it had a children’s book exhibit where we saw many books like The Secret Garden and Maus which were put in these places designed to look like the sceneries in the books. On Thursday, we went to Jackie Robinson’s house in Brooklyn and we were very disappointed since we couldn’t go in or learn anything. On Friday, we stayed in Queens where we saw Louis Armstrong’s house. It was so cool and I never saw it but it was in Corona, near where I live. The things kept in his house were actually his and every piece of furniture was kept the same since his death which was different from all other houses.I really enjoyed this whole week because besides being with my friends, I learned way more than I thought about my neighborhood and I had so much fun meeting others who also liked the trip.