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New York is one of the greatest cities in the world; but what keeps it running? From government and public works, or transportation to garbage–do you have what it takes to experience the down & dirty practical realities of city life?

Teacher/s: Yaacov Levy and Vincent Chen

Students: Jared Albines, Kevin Castro, Credo DelaCruz, Nomar Martinez, Natalie Almonte, Mostafa Jalal, Emmanuel Llivisupa, Kenneth Wug, Armando Cruz, Jonathan Encalada, Steven Gomez, Andrew Juca, Abrar Kazi, Myles Peralta, Ruben Contreras, Louis-Angel Ramirez

Schedule of Activities:

Schedule: Activity Aim/Intended Learning Outcome
Monday, October 23 1)Tour City Hall

2)Observe/ partake in a public hearing at city council

3) Meet our local councilman

Students will gain an appreciation for the layers of government in their city
Tuesday, October 24 Visit NYC Parks Department -To learn the role of the Parks Department
-Specifically, to understand the policy decisions behind the planning and maintenance of urban plantings
Wednesday, October 25 Visit Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Center Investigate how a city provides clean, safe water to its citizens; to find out how waste water becomes potable.
Thursday, October 26 Rent control guidelines board View a public hearing at the rent control guidelines board

Meet with one of the directors


DAY 1: Tour of City Hall, Attend and Testify in City Council Hearing

Mustafa practicing his statement for the City Council Hearing–City Government in action!

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Louis Ramirez: “Super pretty ceiling!”; Credo: “Each row has a different flower design!”

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Louis Ramirez: “George Washington Look-Alike” Steven Gomez: “The room was filled with portraits of past NYC mayors and major generals.”



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