With Ram and Erin

Explore Korea and the K-pop phenomenon.  You will come away from our group knowing the basic history and relationship between the US and Korea, while being immersed and sizzled in K-pop culture in terms of fashion, music, food , and entertainment!


Makayla, Diane, Allyson, Jylene, Crystal, Karolina, Ashley, Natalie, Damdul, Sage, Shehzad, Tiffany, Justin, Chris, Nawang, Nilima, Ghaphel, Erika, Sangmo, Gabriela, Sixdali

DAY 1: TRCS – 15 facts about Korea, Making our own Korean Food- KOREAN BBQ + PORK BELLY WRAPS MUKBANG 먹방, Korean Empire through Korean Movies – Masquarade

DAY 2: Korean Cultural Center – Nam June Paik Exhibit; Writing our names in Korean Character, Trying out Traditional Korean Attires, Paris Baquette (Korean Owned), Spicy Noodle challenge, Korean Drama- The Goblin.


DAY 3: Manhattan, New York – Korea Town: Fast food + Korean beauty shops

DAY 4: Flushing, New York – Taekwondo Experience: Aeon Martial, Korean Food: The Basac; Korean Beauty: Facial Mask; Korean Dance: Kpop girl group dance

Day 5: TRCS Community Presentations

Kpop Girl group dance number

Vlog slide show