Richard Doherty, Physics and Lego-Robotics Teachers wrote before the first day:

I have prepared a quick intro this year that will start the Lego Robotics Rensizzle robots off just reacting to the environment. I was approached by several 8th graders who wanted me to lead this group. I want the students to pick up on concepts rather than procedures and recipes.

If this approach works, I will be able to reshape Botball to encompass lower grades (8th through 11th) rather than depend on mostly seniors who are always distracted by sports, college, AP exams and the like. Also, I have a great set of always-working robots thanks to a couple of grants the school received.

And this is what he wrote after the first day:

This group has taken to my new attack like ducks to water! I think everyone is already way past where my most of my best Botball groups have been in the past. They accomplished today what I would have expected by Thursday afternoon. They didn’t want to go to lunch! I threw them out.
I’m investigating entering the FIRST Robotics competition in the Spring.

Great work robotics crew!