Group Name: Mixed Martial Arts

Adult Leader/s : E.T. and Nancy

Student Participants:

1. Carlos Hazoury : abs on Monday.

2. Gustavo Gamarra:

3. Christopher Novella:

4. Prince Okyere: abs on Monday.

5. Peter Carrion:

6. Ariel Yancovich:

7. Ben Gargan:

8. Steven Szwejkowski:

9. Jose Marte: abs on Mon.

10. Mark Rodriguez:

11. Tenzin Phelgye:

12. Brennan Rogan:

13. Driss Ayadi:

14. Sakib Ahmed:

Goals/Objectives: Students will learn the characteristics of different types of martial arts with the focus on judo. By the end of the week, students will be able to do some judo-related warm-up exercises, some basic moves, some practical self-defense technique, and most importantly, to fall the correct ways.


Monday: Exploring the characteristics and the difference of the following martial arts: Muay Thai/ Boxing, Taekwando, Kung Fu, Muay Boran, Jiujitsu, Judo, Sambo, Pencasilat, Taichi, and Karate. Students will go to Five Points Academy in Chinatown Manhattan.

Tuesday: Group discussion and warm-up exercises in the morning. Going to Five Points Academy in the afternoon.

Wednesday: Judo lesson in the morning. Lunch together in Chinatown.

Thursday: Judo lesson in the morning. Lunch together in Chinatown (Pending).

Friday: Warm-up exercises, reflections, and preparations for the afternoon presentation.

Blogs : This week has been a real experience! Each day we learned a piece of real judo. Tenzin: this week was definitely entertaining. And we were learning. Driss: It was fun, not boring and taught us how to defend ourselves. Today was particularly fun because we got to fight our partners in a tournament. Brennan: The black belt demonstration was astonishing. Jose and Gustavo: We felt like we now have some skills to defend ourselves.

Nancy: We discussed earlier about the outline of the martial arts presentation–great ideas! We will be going out to breakfast Friday am and then put the presentation together for the rest of the morning. Oh, yesterday ET took us to a friend’s restaurant in Chinatown where we ate and ate and ate.


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