Group Name: Music Production

Adult Leader/s: Everett

Student Participants:
1.Jonathan Gonzalez
2.Christian Bernal
3.Dylan Ficeto
4.Dillan Sears
5. Larissa Petrez
6.Mohammed Zaman
7. Sully Delacruz
Goals/Objectives: Performance techniques and basics of starting a band.Explore careers in the music industry@ The Grammy boot camp. Practice playing instruments and a lot of rehearsals.


Monday- We created Ensambles and determined instrumentation and material for performance.

Tuesday- Grammy boot camp field trip: Learned about different careers within the music industry. Heard from producers, A&R people and entertainment lawyers about the
various things they do for the artists that are on the label. We went to different workshops that helped us get a taste of what record labels are looking for in new upcoming musicians.

Wednesday- Bands prepared for what they are going to preform on Friday.

Thursday- We learned about how to set up a stage professionally. Practiced our final piece and set up our equipment.

Friday- PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!