Hair A Musical Review (Performance)

Rensizzle Students:
Ukyab Samdup, Beau Garcia, Mariet Deleon, Emily Jerez, Luc Papineau, Ella Shea, Rosemary Baez, Paola Nouel, Sage Gauthier, Crystal Gonzalez, Gillian Mendoza, Elliot Nieva

Overview of schedule:
The goal is to perfect at least 3 musical production numbers from Hair that can be performed at TRCS events

Students will work on scenes and songs, working with a musical director, accompanist, and stage directors.

taking direction


DAILY Morning Routine:
check in planning -directions -goal – warm up — body and voice – begin rehearsing song (scene)


Alums Dylan Maida (on piano) and Henry Anderson (on guitar) rehearse the students.


After a week of hard work and rehearsals, we have three songs and scenes ready to perform.


Let the Sunshine In.jpg
Aquarius! Let the sunshine in!!