Objectives: Explore NYC food trucks and the social justice issues surrounding the food-trucks (immigration, food truck controversies, NYC food cart history and culture)

Teacher/s: Erin & Robert

Students: Marcus Arias, Jeremias Bazan, Makahla Cadogan, Byron Cordero, Tenzin Damdul, Emma Jelenic, Anthony Navarro, Ashley Okwan, Felix Salas, Tenzin Sherpa, Saif Ullah, Rachel Kim, Jarlyn Lantigua, Veronica Castano, Valerie Fernandez, Raneen Hoq, Luca Pimentel, Amaya Suero, Maria Tane, Angelica Vasquez

Schedule of Activities:

Monday: Explore food carts/trucks in Jackson Heights 1) Momo 2) Halal 3) Mexican
-Create food critics and review

Tuesday: What are the cultural, social-economic and immigrant factor?

1) Research social justice topics( Immigrants, social justice system, food truck controversies, NYC food cart history and culture)
2) The “Create your own food truck” project

Part One- The Executive Summary
The concept must be typed in a paragraph format. It must include: the name of your truck, the concept or theme, the target market, the number of employees, and the times of operation.

Part Two – Food Truck Design
Design, decorate and color your food truck coloring sheets. You can add things to the poster to make it 3-D. You must include both sides of the truck as they will be different and the back of the truck-show the door.
Art work should be neat and accurately reflect the theme or concept of the truck.

Part Three – Menu
Create a professional menu. Menu choices must have variety while remaining consistent with the theme of the truck.

Part Four- Recipes
Research and type recipes or include pictures

Part Five Marketing Strategy

  • a map and highlight where your truck will be on scheduled days
  • a Facebook and/or Twitter symbol on your truck
  • a Food Critics review of your truck
  • a print ad for your truck that would be suitable for a newspaper or magazine
  • Artwork that perhaps inspired the theme of the truck
  • A Zagat rating for your truck
  • A flier/advertisement for an upcoming Food Truck Festival

Wednesday : The influences of diverse cultures and socio-economic factors on NYC food truck cultures

Field Trip: Broadway Bites in midtown, Manhattan

Thursday: What are the controversies in food truck/ food service industries?
Field Trip: Astoria

Friday: How did food trucks shape NYC food culture

Field Trip: Napolian Express truck in down town

Photo-Videos/ Blogs/ Reflections/ Links/ Final Product:

Student Presentation

Food Truck Controversy
Food Truck Controversy

Immigrants and Food truck

Immigrants and Food Trucks

How does cultural identity affect food carts in NYC?

Cultural Identity

Food Truck History

History of Food Trucks

Food Critic

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