Adult leaders: Marta Bolivar & Giselle Castano

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October 26th 2015

MoMa and The Library

Today we went to the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) and The New York City Library. In front of the NY Library there are two lions: Patience and Fortitude. The library itself was huge and had six floors underground plus the 1st floor and the three upper floors. The library owns 11 million books and a draft to the Declaration of Independence. The original Winnie-the-Pooh was also there.


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At the museum, we saw all kinds of art, including Pablo Picasso sculptures. Probably the most fun art we saw were the video games: we spent hours over there — Pacman, Tetris and other games. Also there were drawings of the parts of the human body turned into beautiful art. The was also a backyard full of statues and a beautiful water fountain where people make a wish and throw a coin in. Lastly there was a room next to the video game display full of old technology like a record players and old non electric piano.

October 27th 2015

Edgar Allen Poe Cottage

At the cottage, we were able to see the house where Edgar Allan Poe wrote some of his more memorable stories and poems. We saw the bed where Virginia Clemm died in 1847 of tuberculosis. There was a mirror and a chair that had originally belonged to Poe. We noticed that the ceilings were very low. They were low because heats rises and they needed all the heat that they got for the cold winter days since they didn’t have electricity at the time.

external image 130_eapoe.jpg?itok=FSmvi_Ei

Edgar Allen Poe was a gothic writer and we saw his house where he wrote some of his most famous stories and poems. Most of the things in the house were just recreations of what the house would have looked like in the 1800s, but there were actual artifacts in the house,2 of them actually… A wooden rocking chair and a rich special handmade mirror. The mirror was one of the only expensive things that he had, considering it was hand made. Since anything handmade cost a lot because actual people put labor into making the object. Along with being not that wealthy his depression increased further when his wife died in bed in 1847 of tuberculosis. The ceilings of the house were low to keep the heat low and close to them. He attempted to commit suicide but he failed, then later dying mysteriously a few years later. The collage people because the people also liked to smoke and never spoke of church.

9/11 Memorial

At the memorial, we were able to see actual artifacts that came from victims of the 9/11 tragic event. Along with seeing clothes, books, shoes and remains from the original Twin Towers there we pictures of all victims who died . Inside the museum, there were actual recordings of witnesses recalling the events and family members who went around making search posters for their loved ones.

October 28th 2015

Washington Irving House, Sleepy Hollow

At the house of Washington Irving, we learned about the life of America’s first famous author and celebrity. We were given a tour of the land that used to be owned by Irving and we learned that he built the house for himself and his rather large family, since he was the youngest of 11 children. He originally built the house for him and his fiancee, but after she died of tuberculosis, he played host to his brothers, his brother’s children, and even his brother’s children’s children, and all their servants as well. He was also a traveler, roaming Europe for several years. He knew 4 languages, and even became the U.S. ambassador for Spain and was a well respected politician. We had fun. 8/10. he took well care for his brother to make his last years happy, but his brother ended out living him by 9 years.

October 29th 2015

King Rufus Manor

We visited the the home of Rufus King, a politician who lived during the the Revolutionary War. He had a gigantic house, along with the beautiful dining room. It was fun.

October 30th 2015

Louis Armstrong’s House

We visited Louis Armstrong’s house. It had bathrooms with 22 and 14 carat golden pipes under the sink and mostly everything in the house was expensive. Also he was on tour for 300 days throughout the year. Louis Armstrong was an unhealthy man, he had 3 heart attacks and died later after the 3rd at the age of 69. Louis died without knowing the official date of his birthday. His mother told him it was on July 4th, 1900 because on that day there was a gun fight on their neighborhood which she mistook for fireworks. After Louis’ death, they found out that his birthday was actually on August 4th, 1901. During his lifetime, he recorded over 700 tapes in his house, we listened to a few during the house tour. Louis was also nicknamed ‘Satchmo’ because he was constantly smiling and his smile was so big (‘as big as a satchel”). The house became a landmark in 1977 and was opened as a museum in 2003.

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