With James and Adrian. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to explore museums in a new and interesting way: Two teams will face off in a week-long scavenger hunt competition as we explore the best museums in NYC. During the first half of each day, both teams will create questions based on the exhibits for each museum and the second half, the two teams will swap questions and compete to see who answers the most questions first by the end of the week.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Located in the Upper East side, on 82nd and Fifth Ave is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Famous for being the biggest museum in the US, chock-full of Roman and Greek statues and showcasing cultures from Asia to the Americas.

Clue: “Lend me your arm”

James and Adrian prepared a list of things to find around the museum,

Clues for Team A and B

Museum of New York City

A museum that was established in 1923 tells a story of a city founded in 1624. The museum covers the city’s birth and how the city is today. Our groups visited the factory workers exhibit, as well as the history of Pride and the evolution of demographics in NYC.

History of LGBQT+ Pride in NYC

Museum of Natural History

One of the oldest museums in NYC, renounced for being a hub for anyone interested in fossils, archaeology or being fascinated. The museum has hundreds of exhibitions showcasing fossils that are thousands of years old, animals in their natural habitat, and the history of Earth.

Priya and Farzad marveling at the back of the elephant exhibit
List for Team A

The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim is a very recent museum built in 1939. Named after its founder, Solomon R. Guggenheim, it displays a variety of modern art, from abstract paintings to impressionist art. But what it is most known for is it’s modern yet unique architecture.

In the Guggenheim, there are no floors, rather, ramps.
This is an example of the uniqueness of art that the Guggenheim contains
List for Team B