Group Name: New York Museums and Lanarks
Adult Leader/s: Ali, Elizabeth and Jorge
Student Participants:
1.Michelle Ochoa
2.Miranda Zilkjic
3.Rodolfo Abdala
4.Angela Maher
5.Justin Nay
6.Tatyana Hincape
7.Carla Cohen
8.Lea Antoniadis
9.Humza Mahmood
10.Pharaoh Woods
11.Janna Vanderlinde
12.Bryan Leroy
13.Casey Cano
14.Emily Sugrue
15.Tenzin Samphel
16.Kimberly Fuentes
17.Emmy Liang
18.Hakim Salih
19.Makayla Griffin
20.Luca Negroponte
21.Rodrigo Soto
22.Jordan Abad

Goals/Objectives:To expand students’ knowledge of NYC cultural institutions and art.
Timeline The week of May 7

Day 1:
The Kraftwerk Exhibit/5 points

Bryan Leroy says:
I saw a lot today at the moma ps1; I also heard a lot especially in the dome/theater thing.
There were a lot of allusion and colors coming from the projectors

Lea Antoniadis says:
A huge variety of artwork today, but what stood out the most to me was the exhibit at PS1. I found all the images that were projected onto the screen very interesting.

Miranda Ziljkic says:
5 points:
I used to think graffiti was garbage that people did when they had nothing better to do. After today I realized that it was actually art because every mural had a meaning to it. My favorite one was the Alice in Wonderland one because it was very colorful and cute. The mushrooms around it caught my attention.
The museum had various types of exhibits. I really enjoyed looking at the iguana because I have never seen one in person before that up close. I also like the dome with all of the colorful moving figures. Each room has a weird twist, such as having a croissant on the floor or even a burrito on a windowsill.

Emmy Liang says:
What I Saw: A dome continuously playing music that sounded computer made.
What I Thought: At first it was cool but later on it started to become boring and giving me headaches. Why did they make this? I know Music can be Art too. But will anyone really listen to this after a while?

Kimberly says:

The museums we went to today (5/7/12) were very creative. We went to 5points which was full of graffiti and creative artwork. It was filled with paintings all over the walls. It wasn’t really a museum because all of the artwork was outdoors and not secured. It was really fun and I really enjoyed the outgoing artwork. After 5points we went to P.S1. That was also full of creative work, there were cats that were up for adoption in the museum, and there was a sculpture that was made out of confetti. The one that interested me the most was the work made out of sounds. There were a bunch of different sounds in one room that made up beautiful music. I enjoyed today’s museums a lot.

Hakim Salih says:

Today at Moma ps1 was really nice I liked how they changed the view of art then other people would look at art it was amazing how they had a huge room with 2 burritos on the window .
– I also loved 5 points it was amazing how the art from different people blended in to one big imagine in a huge building full of color and enjoyment

Janna Vanderlinde says:

What I saw: The first thing I laid my eyes on was a large dome. I didn’t really know what to expect out of it, but I still decided to go inside. We were greeted by these weird “Darth Vader” noises, colorful screens, and a large red comfortable sofa. There were many other exhibits but this was the less peculiar one.
What I thought: In general, I thought the displays were really weird. I didn’t really consider it as true art; nothing really appealed to me. But it was still a good experience!
What I wondered: I wondered how long it took the “artist” to prepare these pieces of “art”. I wondered whether or not they were under the influence..

Pharaoh Woods says:
What I saw today at the PS1 Museum was different types of art, sculptures and images such as empty rooms with different objects inside such as fruits, foods, pictures and other figures.
What I thought about the art inside the museum is that it was very fun & interesting to see a variety of unique objects and moving images/images that I haven’t seen before such as a room with different types of fruits, a room filled with different drawing that looks like it was drawn with crayon or color pencils, and a large tent which had music playing in the background and clips of different types of images such as cars, lights, lines and trains.

Michelle says:
What I saw at 5 points was a lot of graffiti. The painting that stuck out the most to me was the taxi drawing. The work was so good that it looked almost real. I could look at it all day because I can relate to it because since I’m always in the city I like to look at things like that and just reflect and look how we don’t really notice little things like that, and there so major in our life. What I thought about all of it was that people are extremely talented and have an amazing gift. One of the things that I wondered about was how did some of the people get up there in some of the drawings that I seen.
The museum P.S 1 was very interesting. I felt like there were a lot of things going on. The one that stuck out to me the most to me was the video of the man that was fingering and playing with the food. It was very disturbing. I didn’t understand how that was art. The poor food that was going to waste. I thought that guy was just sick.

Justin Nay says:
When I saw the artwork from the 5 points, I felt happy to see it for the first time since I was passing that building while I’m on the 7 train going to Times Square. I was wondering who did these drawings or paintings on the whole building. I saw the light bulbs with funny faces. I was laughing about the paintings. I had a good time at the 5 points visit.

Carla Cohen says:
Today we went to five pints and P.S.1. At five points I thought the art was so unique and beautiful. It has character and shows. The fact that they are thinking about tearing it down to build condos bothers me a lot. I think that building should not be tampered with because it shows freedom of expressions. PS1 was interesting I stayed in the dome that reminded me of Epcot the entire time. ON the inside it was dark and showed videos. They seemed abstract but with a message. I kind of wondered why it was considered art.

Casey Cano says:
What I saw: Today I saw many things such as, cats, Actual people and even food all over the place. There was also a room where you could lay down in the dark they put music on and different things would show up on the ceiling.
What I thought: I thought that PS1 was so much fun. There were many different things to look at. And I would like to go again

Jordan henao says:
I saw some really cool designs.
My favorite one was the old western, the one we took a picture in front of. It was made by man named Meres, he is a very famous graffiti artist. There were other paintings that were very cool but that was my favorite one. I learned that it is an abandoned warehouse. My second favorite one was the one of a light bulb that had a head of a clown inside it .So that’s how I really enjoyed 5 points.

Day 2:

Guggenheim Museum

Miranda Ziljkic says:
I had a really good time looking at all of the scrap metal and shapes that represent a visual type of art. My favorite part was the structure of the building. I loved how it was such a unique structure and set up. The spiral ramps that were the substitute for each floor were amazing. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from what I saw today. One thought that triggered my mind was the foam cushion that was just tangled up into knots.. I don’t really know how that is considered art..

Kimberly says:
The Guggenheim museum was okay for me. Although the paintings and artwork I saw were really creative. There were a bunch of different galeries with different meanings, sculptures and paintings. There were very different things we saw. Some paintings were fantastically beautiful!

Emmy Liang says:
I saw old black and white pictures of naked ladies holding an almost transparent paper or fabric. They were also holding clear plastic or glass. The women were also holding black materials. The artist was Francesca Woodman.
Why did the pictures have to have naked ladies. What was the point of this; to show the negative space in the photo? I thought it was the most interesting out of everything in the museum but also extremely strange.
Lea says:
Today we went to the Guggenheim museum in Manhattan. Although all the artwork was similar it was all unique in some sort of way. All the artwork in the Guggenheim was created using scrap metal. Everything was very sophisticated and you could tell that alot of effort went into producing those pieces of art. I liked the projection room, and in that room was a video of a house being monitored day and night.

Carla says:
We went to the Guggenheim and the art i saw looked like junkyard scraps. It was put together nicely. The projector rooms were my favorite because i wondered what the message was to such simplistic videos. The building was shaped ina weird way with a spiral which was fun to walk around in. On a scale of 1-10 i would give it a 7.

Humza says:
The Guggenheim museum was very modern. Everything from the structure to the exhibits themselves were very creative and artistic. I thought the photography by Francesca Woodman was really awesome it captured different things in different ways. The being plural and singular exhibit with different pictures being connected in someway but different in others.

Bryan says:

On may 8, we visited the Guggenheim museum. We saw many sculptures, pieces, and my favorite room of the museum would have had to be the projection room due to all the soind affects and lights.

Day 3:
The Museum of Jewish Heritage

Michelle says:
Today we went to the holocaust memorial, what I likes the most about it was that I actually got to see real artifacts and real pictures of people from back in that time. What also stuck out the most to me was the clothing that they had to wear in the concentration camps. And it had a little bit of blood on it. I was so amazed and so sad that people can actually do that to other people.

Pharaoh Woods says:
What I saw today at the Museum of Jewish heritage was many things that happened during the Holocaust and how the Jews rose up from the torture and suffering caused by the German Nazis between 1939-1945.
What I thought about the museum was that it was designed very nicely and it was interesting to learn about the traditions of the Jewish.

Kimberly says:
The Jewish Heritage museum was very interesting! There were so many things to look foward too. Like how Hitler treated the Jewish people, the things that hit me the most was how they treated the children they killed them horribly and there were so many concentration camps where they were killed. The Germans weren’t fair to the jews at all. There were so many interesting exhibits!

jordan henao says:
i think the jewish heratige museum was was very fun but
there was some things that i did’nt understand some of the things.I
would like to go there again but when I am more experienced about it.

Emmy Liang says:
I saw a wall about the killing centers & camps. Also what type people were killed.

I didn’t know that the Nazis would perform experiments on people. And that they would test ways to kill people and they would especially kill women, children, & and old people. That’s completely crazy. Killing all those people like that is messed up.

Justin Nay says:
What I saw in the Jewish museum today was the nazi germany flag and the history of Jewish. I like the story about on how Jewish’s people can’t live their lives in Germany. I don’t like how Germany kills a lot of people. Life was not good for them. I am thinking that if the Jewish will go to another country like around the US, they will have freedom.

Lea says:

Today we went to the Museum of Jewish Heritage. The museum was not at all what I expected, I expected there to be a lot more gore and the images to be very graphic but it wasn’t at all. One picture that stood out to me was the one with the starving Jewish children. I thought what i saw was inhumane. What the Nazis did the the Jewish people was horrible and I don’t think it was justifiable at all.