Drama New York City !
Monday November 26 , 2012 – INTRODUCTION. We enjoyed ourselves and acted out a scene from The Iliad, The Odyssey and all of Greek Mytholgy in 99 Minutes or Less. We were assigned roles, and we practiced our parts several times. We exercised our ability to get the characters personality .

Tuesday November 27 , 2012 -On our first day of trips for this rensizzle we were able to visit the prestigious school of the preforming arts, Julliard . We arrived at Julliard to see the beautiful paintings and the ever so famous stairs that are located inside of the school. We began our tour with our guide Emily who attends the school for music specifically in the study of the harp. We walked around the school and saw the majestic dancers training for the performance that is supposed to happen for a festival. As we approached the Theater a couple of the students had emotional reactions because of how beautiful they felt the space was. When leaving they thanked the tour guide and looked out the beautiful windows to see the view of New York City snowing.

Wednesday November 28 , 2012 – After hearing for two days that we were going to see a Broadway show we had finally arrived at the Majestic theater in order the attend the grond breaking Production of The Phantom of the Opera. This play was about a theater company who were performing in a production of Hannibal and had to deal with a Phantom who demands money and for a certain box in the theater not to try to give much away but people lives are in danger, chandeliers fall, and fire is involved. Later that day we were also fortunate enough to see Bring it On the Musical thanks to Early Stages. This play surrounds the high school senior dream for the main character Campbell who’s dream is to be the high school cheerleading captain until her house becomes redistricted and she is no longer allowed to go to the same school. Both of these plays taught all of us about acceptance and how people need to learn to embrace their differences and not be scared about it and the values of society.. We would like to thank Early Stages for providing us with these last minute tickets.


bring it on.jpg

Thursday November 29 , 2012 – We were fortunate to have East 3rd productions host our rehearsal which was a grand reenactment of the number “You Can’t Stop The Beat” which is the final number in the musical Hairspray which was formally on Broadway. This process allowed for people to break out of their comfort zones and sing in front of all of others. It took us 3 hours in order for us to put together an amateur version of this song. We were able to have Manuela Agudelo choreograph our performance. Thank you to all of the people that hosted us that day this includes the director of East 3rd productions Ricardo R. We also want to thank Markus H. who was pianist and musical director.