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We live in the most fabulous city in the world,so it is only natural that we have the best museums—all about us!

Find out how our city grew,how we fought for our rights,how we stood up despite terrorism,and how we move.


MS: Ashley, Nomar, Bryan, Justin, Rinchen, David, Angelo, Russell, Rafael, Robert

HS: Sabrina, Andres, Mariano, Beau, Karen, Katherine,




Project Responsibilities:

  • Wikispace Bloggers: Sabrina, Andres, Mariano, Beau
  • Poster Board of Pictures and Brochures/ Create your own pamphlet of the museums: Ashley, Nomar, Bryan, Justin
  • Powerpoint Presentation: Karen, Katherine, Rinchen, David
  • Build a NYC structure: Angelo, Russell, Rafael, Robert

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Blogger: Beau Garcia

On this day we went to an amazing museum. We got to learn about history of activism dating back to 400yrs ago where as the first activism started 1657. In 1657, New Amsterdam(Present day flushing), the first activism happened which was for better religious tolerance, because Quakers weren’t able to do their practices as opposed to the people of the dutch church. Also, the museum not only talks about its history about the past it leads up present or resent activism events. In the museum they even talk about the event of 9/11 leading into activist groups to support the trust in Muslims ever since the terrorists attacked, which were Muslims. The museums is great because it not only involves events about the past it also involves events from the present.

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Tue,Oct 28
Blogger: Mariano Garcia

On this day of the week we went to the Tenement Museum. We learned the types of people living in these Tenements, the types of living conditions and we learned the stories of people who lived in these Tenement. Also we were told that tenement is like another word for apartment. Our tour guide told us that tenements had bad living conditions because there were few windows in the tenements. So the coal they used in the house to cook would gather in the air. It was also bad because the smelly bathrooms were next to the water source thus contaminating it. But at the time no one heard or believed in germs. so people got sick because of this. One of the stories that our tour guild to us was about the Moore family. The father’s name was Joseph Moore. The Mother’s name was Brigit Moore. The new born baby name was Agnus Moore. Well during this time period the men went to work and the women stayed at home cleaning and taking care of the family and the house. After they move in to a tenement, Joseph and Brigit did what they were suppose to do. Long story short, after months living in the tenement Agnus dies. Later they found out that she died due the bad and unhealthy milk and that the living conditions worsen it. The things that i had learned over at that museum was really fascinating check it out.

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Blogger: Sabrina Testi

Today we went to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum.
We took the E train to the last stop: WTC.
When we got off the station and into the streets of Manhattan, the first thing we saw was the huge structure of the Freedom Tower a.k.a. The One World Trade Center. It was covered in windows, so it blended in with the sky and it looked awesome. A beautiful symbol of what once used to be in its place.
We walked to the main entrance of the 9/11 Memorial & Museum and when we got in, it looked like an airport. There were metal detectors and security guards everywhere. There was also no photography.
We met our tour guide, Emily, and she told us that the museum was actually located 70ft below ground. She lead us through some escalators and while we were going down we saw two columns from the WTC. They were these two huge columns of steel next to the escalator and stairs. They were called the “Steel Tridents”, they were leftover steel from the WTC.
Emily then took us to a classroom where she taught us about The Events of the Day: 102 Minutes. It turns out that besides the Twin Towers being struck, the Pentagon and a field in Shanksville, PA were also struck by airplanes.
Afterwards, we walked around the museum and filled out a chart with our Observations, Artifact, and What Story Does the Artifact Tell? While on the tour we saw the Impact Steel: M-2, Ladder 3 Firetruck, North Tower Antenna, Try to Remember the Color of the Sky on that September Morning, and the Survivor’s Staircase.
We later went back on our own and explored the rest of the museum. I was most excited to see the Navy SEAL Team Six Case mainly because I never really found out how the process of finding Osama bin Laden went. Unfortunately, I missed the exhibit and didn’t get to see it. What I did get to see was In Memoriam. It was a whole room dedicated to the victims of 9/11. The faces of the victims covered the walls and there were touch screens where you could go more into depth into the person’s background. I remember seeing this little red-haired boy who was about five years old in one of the screens…that was when the seriousness of 9/11 really hit me.
Overall, this trip was a very humbling experience because it made me grateful for what I have and even though I was only one year old when this happened, I was still alive. This is not something that happened a long time ago. I will see this even in my kid’s textbook and I truly hope that the world truly never forgets.

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Blogger: Andres Aguirre
My return to the Transit Museum meant a lot, as it is my personal favorite. I still have a photo of me on the bus when I was younger, and I had lots of fun. Back to today: It was very nostalgic; I almost shed a tear. The museum is a decomissioned, but still functional train station. You enter the museum through a subway entrance in itself. Kinda hard to spot, but worth it. We witnessed an exhibit called “Steel, Stone, and Backbone: Building New York’s Subway. Admission is extremely cheap, and the museum is fairly large. After observing the many things on the platform level, you can go down even more stairs to see the trains the museum has collected, from wooden trains to an old blue 7 train from ’64. By the way, if you would like to see a red 7 train (the Museum doesn’t have it), they are scattered across New York. If you ever stop by my neighborhood, you’ll be glad to know I live right by a rare red 7 train, aka Redbird. Ah, trains…
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Fri,Oct 31
Blogger: Beau Garcia

Well, today our rensizzle group is just finalizing our group projects for what we did of the week. There are four assignments that are being finished. One group finished blogging the summaries for what we did each day. The second group is making a powerpoint describing where we as group, we went in each museum. Next, the last group is forming and forging models that were used and monument we saw in each museum: like trains, The Twin Towers, and swill milk. Lastly, Ram used his own personal time to make a photo gallery of what we did in the museum. Each project is turning out great, the model making group decided to make a train that travels through different time periods by having the models or tools in event of different museums in the background. We are also practicing our presentation for what facts we learned in each museums we didn’t know about earlier.


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