Shahreen and Dhariana

Our beautiful city is surrounded by street art and graffiti everywhere. In this Rensizzle group we will further explore and learn about the history of graffiti and street art in NYC. We will visit various neighborhoods around the city to see artwork and interpret the artist’s message. We will have the opportunity to work with a local graffiti artist who will also teach a painting class and we will also get to practice doing graffiti as well. 

Painted City Rensizzle Group – Check out our power-point HERE.

This week Dhariana and Shahreen took us to explore the social impact and abundance of graffiti and street art in NYC. The first day of Rensizzle we went to Bushwick and the Lower East Side. We walked the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan looking at all the different murals. The second day we went to Color Factory and looked at different pieces of art and did different activities that the Color Factory had. The third day we worked with a graffiti artist, known as SEK 107. He came in and taught us basic techniques using spray paint and he helped us develop our street art identity.  As a group, we all created a mural that will be put up somewhere in the school. We also painted individual canvases with our tags on it and buildings in the background.