Group Name: Science Explorations


Adult Leader/s: Riaad Etheridge and Bob Boccieri

sci group.jpg

Student Members:
Javier Estrella, Hashim Kayani, Julian padro, Christian Vicuna, Tristan Doyle, Elijah Gonzalez, Elena Saca, Anlaika Taylor, Beau Garcia, Matthieu Legagneur, Tai Govantes, Jesse Intriago, Ali Jawwad, Ethan Chan, Nomar Martinez, Samuel Tyler Young

Goals and Objectives:
Our students are interested in: Astronauts, Nuclear Reactions, chemical reactions, how computers are made/programming, video games, pyrotechnics. Our goal is to harness the varied interests of our students and expose them to opportunities and experiences that will help them see themselves in science-related careers.

Trips students are interested in: Hall of Science, American Museum of Natural Science, See “Gravity”, Intrepid Sea, Space and Air Museum, Liberty Science Center.

Monday, October 21 – What do astronauts do in Space?

  • Go and see the movie Gravity at an Imax Theatre at 34th Street Manhattan.
  • Students review the film and there will be a discussion.

Tuesday, October 22 – Trip to Liberty Space Museum in NJ. Combine with Skyscrapers and Bridges Group.

Wednesday, October 23 – Trip to New York Hall Of Science.

hall of science.jpg
View from Hall of Science

Explore different areas of Science. What is the role of evolution and natural selection in health, illness and prevention?


Thursday, October 24 – Trip to the Intrepid Museum. Combine with Skyscrapers and Bridges


intrepid museum.jpg
Submarine you can tour at the Intrepid Museum.

  • Students view exhibits of the past on Air, Sea, and Space
  • View documentary at various locations in the museum.

Army helicopter aboard the Intrepid.
Helen approaching the Intrepid.
Jesse and Tai getting away.

Friday, October 25 – Trip to The American Museum of Natural History.


  • Students view exhibits of the past on Air, Sea, and Space.
  • How has Earth Evolved?
  • Why are there Ocean basins, mountains, and continents?

Tai at the Museum of Natural History.
Ethan spending time “Down Under”.

Ari posing with the dinosaurs.


Science Exploration Group

17 Students
5 days
5 trips
2 States
Plenty of fun!

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sci group3.jpg