Sports Variety (Leadership & Peace)


Leaders: Vinny & Dennis
1) James “Face” Jeffries
2) Stephen “Ruckster” Ruck
3) Chantel ” Boss LAdy” Davis
4) Ruben “Wiz” Melvin
5) Irv “Malcom” Melvin
6) Charles “Chesseburger” Mordan
7) Jan Vanderlinde
8) Rashad “Theshhaaaaaaaadddd” Hector
9) Melvia Smith
10) Dominique “Nick Punto” Rubiano
11) Sohaib “Indy” Rashid
12) Angel “Where have I been?” Apolaya
13) Joshua “Joshy Poo” Hazoury
14) Eric “Hollaman” Holloway
15) Malik “I dress the part” McBrayer
16) Daniel “Bomtiempo” Bomtempo
17) Joel “Read my Shirt” Morales
18) Justin “All flash, no cash” Steed
19) Sanchez : Nuff Said
20) Anthony “Thum” Hazoury

Goals/Objectives: Follow the Link……


The concept of Sport for Development and Peace is rooted in the recognition that sport possesses unique attributes that enable it to contribute to development of leadership and peace processes. These attributes include:

  • Universal popularity – transcending of national, cultural, socio-economic and political boundaries, when done right, sport is enjoyable for participants and spectators alike and can be invoked in virtually any community in the world.
  • Capacity as a powerful global communications platform – Because sport events offer the capacity to reach vast numbers of people, they are effective platforms for public education & social mobilization.
  • Ability to connect – sport is an inherently social process bringing together players, teams, coaches, volunteers & spectators.
  • Cross-cutting nature – sport can be used to address a broad range of social and economic challenges.
  • Potential to empower, motivate and inspire – sport has the natural ability to draw on, develop, and showcase individual strengths and capacities.

Development and Peace Benefits Achievable Through Sport
1) Promoting health and preventing disease

  • Prevents and manages chronic disease
  • Prevents and manages infectious disease
  • Enhances mental health
  • Reduces direct and indirect health care costs

2) Enhancing the inclusion and well-being of person with disabilities

  • Reduces stigma
  • Enhances socialization
  • Enables independence and participation
  • Contributes to empowerment
  • Fosters greater inclusion

3) Enhancing social inclusion, preventing conflict, and building peace

  • Promotes social inclusion
  • Provides respite in periods of conflict
  • Builds trust and establishes bridges between groups in conflict
  • Builds peace in a post-conflict situation
  • Promotes a culture of peace

4) Strengthening child & youth development and education

  • Enhances physical health and development
  • Fosters psychosocial health and development
  • Builds life skills and positive values
  • Helps children and youth recover from trauma
  • Strengthens education

5) Promoting gender equality and empowering girls & women

  • Enhances girls’ and women’s health and well-being
  • Fosters self-esteem and empowerment
  • Facilitates social inclusion and integration
  • Challenges gender norms
  • Provides opportunities for leadership and achievement


Monday: Flushing Meadow Park in the morning. Tournament in the afternoon.
Tuesday: St. Mike’s park for Basketball, Soccer, Baseball, and Handball.
Wednesday: Rain Day! LIC YMCA in the PM.
Thursday: St. Mikes and Bowling
Friday: GYM, Debriefing & Presentation

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