Group Name: Street Art

Adult Leader/s: Everett Boyd, Margaret Phelan

Student Members:

street art.jpg

Nyasia Connelly, Julia Francione, Isaac Hamilton, Leslie Jerezgaviria, Brianna Rodriguez, Nustrat Uddin, Tamia Wright, Valeria Franco, Melanie Mata, Alix Scott, Sadiah Choudhury, Matteo Perez Salvi, Juan Tobon

Goals and Objectives:



What is Art and What is Vandalism? a critical look at street art.


Monday – October 21: Investigate the difference between Vandalism and Street Art. Introduce Banksy Inspiration: Writing, color mixing, forming opinions, making statements, creating registered mylar stencils. Planning our productivity. Compose an artists statement or proposal for independent project.
Proposal: Paint cafeteria columns/pillars (2×8 sides = 16 artists/ – 2/side); themes-diversity, (pick a continent and research flags, food, international expression of traditional dances, research on traditional dress. Research famous NYC street performers, like the mini Michael Jackson in the Roosevelt/74 Street subway station.

Art or not?

Tuesday – October 22: Painting day/color mixing and clean painting technique lesson. Explore the infliuence of pop culture.
Inspiration: JR Tedtalk “Face to Face” Project:
Present proposal to SMT re cafeteria pillars. Logistics problem with the pillars in the cafeteria: not enough time to paint between lunches. Present alternative space – the wall space underneath the office windows. That space was approved, and our designs were approved.

Wednesday – October 23: Painting day – start sketching our panels on the walls, start mixing and applying paint. Inspiration:

Trip to Five Pointz -5 Pointz Tour/PS 1 Tour guide:

Thursday – October 24: Painting day- outlining/final touches.
Trip to find Banksy in Woodside – photo documentary/evidence: Inspiration: Chris Carlson, tromp l’oeil chalk art:

Banksy in NYC: Our Banksy hunt in Woodside: 38th ave near the LIRR overpass.

Friday – October 25: Trip to Manhattan gallery to explore applied art -Joshua Liner Gallery “ICY SIGNS” 540 W. 28th St Manhattan 11AM.
Inspiration: Swoon’s “Femicide” in Mexico video
Lunch OUT.




Found Banksy in Woodside