Day 1


“If I Were Mayor of New York City, the first thing I would change is…”

“If I were Mayor I would change the amount of money that goes to funding school programs. Give more money to the school. I would change this because a lot of programs got cut because of shortage of funding.”

“If I was the Mayor of NY, I would make everyday at 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, everything 75% off. So people who have trouble buying things can.”

“If I were the Mayor of New York City, I would change the food system in schools and would give more schools a higher budget. I would change it because a lot of children in schools don’t eat, because the school food is bad. If I raise the budget it would allow the students to do more.”

“If I was Mayor of NYC I would Change the issue of homelessness. To do this I would open more shelters and fund soup kitchens, I would promote clothing drives. I want to change this because I see too many homeless people on the streets.”

If I was Mayor of New York City, I would most likely help the bullying problem, because bulling may cause bruises, scars, hatred and even sometimes death. I would probably start a Youtube channel and a petition. And maybe go to my old schools that I was bullied in for my skin color, height, looks, and personality.The reason I would help bulling is because I experienced the tragedy of Bulling and even thought some pretty harsh thoughts myself.”

“If I Were President of the United States of America, the first thing I would change is…”

Today our group did a little project about what we thought about NYC,we also made a banner for our group, and lastly we made a bunch of social media accounts on our wiki so please follow us.