Group Name: SURVIVAL


Adult Leader/s: Vinnie Garelick and Raymond Johnson

Student Members:

Cassius Brown
Saul Cotrina
Luis Lliguicota
Denis Lukovic
Mikal Matthews
Kleber Salas
Joel Agustin
Francisco Bautista
Giorvani Domond
Brandon Duque
Brennan Rogan
Erick Herrera
Oscar Bedoya
Kevin Castro
Bryan Cevallos
Amina Dupljak
Tylil Morton
Cesar Rodriguez
Felix Salas
Max Scott

Goals and Objectives:
-Learn wilderness survival techniques that our ancestors knew
-Identifying poisonous plants
-Identifying edible plants
-Learning basic First-Aid techniques
-Providing basic life-saving techniques


Monday First-Aid Training Students will learn how to respond to common first aid emergencies, including burns; cuts; head, neck and back injuries and more.
Tuesday Hike in Cunningham Park Students will prepare for the wilderness adventure by getting used to forest trails and walking. Students will start formulating scenarios where they are on their own in the wilderness, in order to create questions for the survival class.
Wednesday Mountain Scout Survival School Wilderness Survival Class in Garrison, NY with instructor Shane Hobel is made up of many skills and is offered throughout the Hudson Valley in both wilderness and urban environments. This prerequisite class introduces you to the scope of this subject of study and particularly the Seven Arrows.


arrow.jpg 1) SHELTER: DebrisHut.jpg
arrow.jpg2) WATER:
arrow.jpg3) FIRE:
arrow.jpg4) FOOD:
arrow.jpg5) TRACKING:
arrow.jpg6) AWARENESS:
arrow.jpg7) MOVEMENT:

Thursday Hike in Flushing Meadow Park Shane Hobel surprised students by showing up in Flushing Meadow to teach them some more tracking and shelter techniques.