Rensizzle Students: Tylil Morton, Faith Moyo, Marissa Sosa, Crystal Larrea, Emily DeJesus, Juan Tenesaca, Luis Nouel, Brad Tenezaca, Caiel Jeanbart, Raneen Hoq, John Jimenez, Ysabella Aquino, Angelina Vasquez

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Hear a “teaser” from stories created by our group members!

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On Tuesday and Wednesday, we hosted a workshop with professional storyteller Cyndi Freeman from The Story Studio (check out her bio). We played storytelling games, listened to Cyndi tell stories, and learned insights from this master storyteller on how to develop our own TRUE stories! She helped each of us workshop our stories, and at the end of the workshop, we held a storytelling performance theater.

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We visited Flushing Town Hall to hear a live storytelling session with The Moth!
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