Adult leaders: Curtis & Lisa

Investigate NYC’s love-affair with musical theatre, and all the various occupations connected to the theatre. See plays, perform some musical theatre yourself, and talk to professionals.
Day 1– Special Guest Annie Golden “Norma” of Orange is the New Black . We watched her first film, Hair, and she spoke about acting and the audition process.

day 1.JPGphoto-8.JPG

,Day 2 At Pearl Studios – for Students Live- Passport to Broadway with Celia Mei Rubin, dance captain for Matilda. Students performed “Revolting Children” from the show.

Day 3 At Pearl Studio with Bravita Threatt dance captain at The Lion King worked with students on “The Circle of Life”

Day 4 – We saw a screening of “Offile:///Users/lisaburns/Pictures/iPhoto%20Library.photolibrary/Previews/2015/10/28/20151028-191134/e0AraIEWTliV49VXhl144/photo-8.jpg Mice and Men” at Brooklyn Academy of Music in the morning – mice men.jpg
and “Phantom of the Opera” on Broadway in the afternoon!

Friday we joined the Music group for a concert at the Apollo Theatre – The New Orleans Jazz Orchestra – “Meeting Dee Dee’s Voice”
dee dee.png