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Final Project:

Video Trivia about Tibet
A 2.5 minute video in Youtube
Click this link:


Rensizzle Students:

1. Kevin Castro
2. Tenzin Damdul
3. Daniel Cortez
4. Shehzad Khan
5. Joseph Rojas
6. Carson Sherpa
7. Juan Pablo Chamilco
8. Tenzing Chris Sherpa
9. Kalsang Gyatso
10 Mostafa Jalal
11. Farzad Khan
12. Ivan Ng
13. Isaac Rubiano
14. Kenneth Wug
15. Kunsang Gurung
16. Makayla Cadogan

Overview of schedule:

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Photos, Videos, Writings, Blogs, Links:

First Day Free Asian Breakfast cooked by ET IMG_3807.JPG
Day 1 : Whole Day Lecture and input on Tibetan History and Culture
(Check out the Youtube links below)

Day 1: Mandala Artwork. Learning the discipline, precision, arts of Buddhist Monks. Slide13.JPGIMG_3817.JPG
Day 2: Tibet House @ Manhattan Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 1.12.47 PM.png
Day 2: Tibetan Meal Slide15.JPG
Day 3: Comparative Analysis of the Tibetan experience with world experiences IMG_3904.JPGIMG_3899.JPG
Day 3: Mandala Artwork IMG_3816.JPG
Day 4: Museum of Tibetan Art @Staten Island IMG_3962.JPGIMG_3961.JPG


Day 5:



School Presentation

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Google Photos link

Places we will visited:

Websites about Tibet:

Central Tibetan Administration :

Tibetan Government on Wikipedia:

The Office of Tibet – Washington DC


Report on Tibet Negotiations: US Department of State

Videos to watch:

Ancient Tibet | The End of Time | Ancient Discoveries

The New Tibet (full documentary)

Things you may not know about Tibetan culture

Tibet and China: A difference of cultures – Documentary

Why Isn’t Tibet Free?

Is Tibet free? An introduction to Tibet

Amazing Tibetan Food Feast – Eating In A Tibetan Home!

Tibet Situation : Critical – Full Documentary. Tibet Documentary by Jason Lansdell

Escape from Tibet documentary

The Tibet Within – Documentary on the Tibetan struggle in exile

Tibet Vacation Travel Video Guide

Nepal Vacation Travel Video Guide

The Lost World of Tibet

New Tibetan Modern Song སྙིང་སྡུག་ལགས། 喜欢你 Penpa Dekyi 2015

Tibet – Ancient and modern

TIBET – The Truth [Chinese subtitles] HD

Street Food in Lhasa city, Tibet China


The Secret Momo Shack Hidden in a Cell Phone Store

Shopping in Little Tibet

Tibet Traditional Costumes Show – THE TIBETAN FASHION

Tibetan Wedding – Gyurmey & Tenchoe’s Wedding

Dalai Lama | Enlightened | Full Documentary