Group Name: RAMSIZZLING VIDEO PRODUCTION – Scroll down for the link to our final production!


Teacher Leader: Ram

Room 204 / 2nd floor media center

Student Participants: MS Students

1. Jovan M
2. Tenzin S. Ukyab
3. Julia F.
4. Tamia W.
5. Brianna R.
6. Anthony S.
7. Julia K.
8. Aidan S.

Goal and Objectives:

+ learn the basics of audio/video production
+ share tips and tricks from your fellow groupmates
+ learn some tips from the invited experts
+ visit a movie production venues/museum

We will….
+ Use whatever electronic recording device you have.
+ Use video to convey a message
+ Work as a group/teams
+ Make your own storyboard
+ Prepare all needed human and technical resources.
+ Video your production.
+ Edit your work


March 18 – Organizational Planning

Mon 3/28 – Input / Guest Person: Jack Feldstein


9-10am – Sample videos from Ram
10-12 – Scriptwriting with Jack Feldstein
12:31 – Lunch
1:10 – Planning / Sriptwriting
2:30 – Blogs, Preparing for tomorrow’s experience

Tue 3/29 – Trip : NBC STUDIO TOUR


Wed 3/30 – Production Time : Personal Video

NBC tour / part 2
Planning for the production of Uglee

Thurs 3/31 – Production Time :

am: Group Project
pm: editing / poster making

Fri 4/1 – TRCS Presentation

early lunch
presentation at the auditorium


Human: Jack Feldsten, NBC Tour resouce persons
Materials: Camera, video, chargers, wires, laptops/pc, movie maker
Financial: $100 for Jack’s professional fee, $20 per student for the NBC tour, production music/video/costumes/props


March 18 (Thursday)
Thursday, Period 8. This is my prep time but I need to meet and plan with my Ramsizzle group. I was exhausted and stressed out. It was nice to know that there was an 8th grader amidst the super excited 7th graders. Jovan facilitated the planning. From objectives to schedule we are all set for the coming Rensizzle week. Now I need to invite a resource person and prepare for the trip.

March 28 (Monday)

Today we had a guest speaker come to teach and help us on our film for our Rensizzle group. His name is
Jack Feldsten. He was nice and we learned alot.We learned that the most important thing in a film is the story.We also learned what the definition of a Script is. A script is what a charecter wants and how he/she overcomes obsticles to get it

Today Jack Feldstein taught our guest taught us about movies. For example an important thing about movie is story,also a meaning of a script is a character wants and
how he/she overcomes obstacles to get it. We are also learning camera shots (wide,medium,and close up), we are making short films and a whole group film that we are happy to show to you on Friday.

March 29 (Tuesday)

Today we took a trip to NBC studios to find out they were sold out of tickets so we went to Nintendo world we played the 3Dds and when we got back we film our short movies it was a fun day

Today we started to film our mini projects. We also went to Nintendo world. I met Yoshi.

March 30 (Wednesday)
Today was really fun.We went to NBC studios.we learned about the history of NBC .We also saw the set of Saturday Night Live,and Dr.Oz.

March 31 (Thursday)
Today we filmed our whole group film “UGLEE”. A affectionate parody of the hit show “Glee”. We had fun messing up and singing. Aidan brought in a green screen so we played with that and edited the videos too.

March 31 (Thuresday)
Today we fimed, made and created final videos for our gourp project “UGLEE”. We has a lot of fun making our video, and the final project is very injoyable and a must see.

April 1 (Friday)
I had an AMAZING TIME! I had so much fun making uglee and bonded with my classmates! I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT YEARS RENSIZZLE!!! <3

I had an AWESOME TIME!!! I wish I can do it AGAIN! It was fun that I went to places,did fun things,and all these activities was with classmates,also filming the awesome film UGLEE! I hope to do it it again next year!

This has been an awesome week. The students were very proud of their work. They bonded and have developed common ties with each other in doing the task given to them. The school loved their final product/movie and they have been receiving positive comments. They feel like celebrities/actors. I do enjoyed this week as I was able to inspire them to be the best of what they want to be.


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