Group Name: Happiness 101

Teacher Leaders: Sandra Fritz, Conor Welch

Student Participants:

1-Fior Guerrero
2-Eloise McAviney
3-Kezia Bontempo
4-Anthony Tello
5-Eury Liriano
6-Maria Mendoza
7-Michelle Ochoa
8-Jordan White
11-Airany Dominguez
12-Cecilia Jadoobir
13- Sabrina Yap

Goal and Objectives: Helping students gain a better understanding of Happiness or Positive Psychology. What makes people happy? How can we explore happiness while also exploring social issues connected to happiness?

Time line/ activities:

Monday: Understanding Happiness and the World (How can countries create happier citizens,
and a more socially just world?)
· Students make a list of 20 things that make them happy.
· Discussion, Introductory thoughts on Happiness. (3 chapters in Happier)
· Research: Exploring how governments can make their citizens happier. (website: Happy Planet Index)
· Article: Costa Rica green and Happy? (BBC)
· Article: Happy Economics (Atlantic Monthly)

Tuesday: Yourself and Happiness: How can you strike this balance?
· (“8 steps toward a more satisfying life”-Time Magazine Article )
· Scavenger HUNT and Finding Flow!!
· Excerpt from Flow (Finding meaning in your life)
· Excerpt from Happier: Creating Goals

Wednesday: How can Sensory Experiences Enhance your happiness?
· 9:30 AM go to farmer’s market (senses)
*hear and smell
*journal after each experience
· 1PM pastry chef/restaurant (taste)
*How does pastry chef Thiago find FLOW in his work?

Thursday: Create student driven project ( power point presentations)

Friday: FINAL Thoughts on Happiness
· Share goals and timeline (from Tues)
· Gratitude journaling
· Random acts of kindness
· Review Presentation

Final Happiness Presentation Power-Point: Final Happiness Presentation.ppt