Group Name
Exploring the Legacy of Colonialism in Latin America through Food, Dance and Literature

Teacher Leader/s
Carol Gersmehl and Girelle Guzman

Student Participants

Erica Cawthon Jennifer Jimenez
Saoussan Elghouass Laura Lopez
Brianna Falconer Maria Mendoza
Daisy Garate Fernanda Ramirez
Wendy Heras Marcela Rodriguez
Stephanie Hernandez

Goal and Objectives
Colonialism in Latin America brought together people of European, African and Indigenous heritage. In this Rensizzle, we will study the food, dance and stories of the region to better understand how each culture contributed to the development of Latin America’s cultural heritage and the power relationships that resulted from the colonial experience. Throughout the week, students will interview Latin American immigrants about their reflections on colonialism and culture. As a final project, the students will create an audio-visual presentation of these interviews and their overall Rensizzle experience.

Timeline/Activities (Click to Access)


The Aztecs

Codex Cospi calendar
Codex Cospi calendar

Detail of the Codex Cospi, an Aztec divinatory calendar, showing the planet Venus, Tlauixcalpantecuhtli, attacking warriors. Year symbols are on the left of the image.
Codex Cospi calendar.” Image. Werner Forman/Corbis. The American Mosaic: The Latino American Experience.ABC-CLIO, 2011. Web. 28 Mar. 2011.

The Aztec Empire -An Overview
How to Make Tamales
Information about the Aztec Calendar__Nahuatl Language____Traditional Mexican Dance__

__Introduction to Latin American Food.__Moorish Influence in Latin American Food Rice-Moorish InfluenceWhat is Ceviche?__Inca Empire__Bachata History __Caribbean Cultural Center and African Diaspora Institute__Slavery in Latin America__Bomba and Plena____Argentinean-style pizza__
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