Group : Sports Photography

Teacher Leaders: Brian, Riaad and Glenn

Student Participants:Kristina Shea, Gabriela Jimenez, Tajzae Bryan, Dana Bong, Jessica Chamilco, Gina Delgado, Yaneysi Rivas, Stephanie Rodriguez, Dorjee Gyaltsen.
Goal and Objectives:

  1. The purpose of this group is to play sports and take pictures of sports.
  2. To produce still photographs of various sports.
  3. To learn about sports photography and to make a collage of photographs.

Time line/Activities:
Sports Photography
Program of Activities for Rensizzle Week March 28-April 1st.


  1. March 28th-What are some photography equipment and how to use them?
  • Cameras
  • Lenses
  • Tripods
  • Monopods
  • Camera Bags
  • Digital Storage
  • Camera settings: ISO (sensor sensitivity), shutter speed and aperture
  • Students identify parts of the camera.
  • Basic photography techniques – composition, subject, etc.
  1. Lighting

· The different types of lighting (natural/ambient, fill/flash)
· The reflection of light
· Outdoor Lighting-Sunlight
· Recommended equipment for outdoor lighting
· Indoor Lighting
· Students practice taking pictures with their cameras.
-Students go outdoors and take pictures-37th Ave. and 74th Street.
Critically evaluated pictures from magazines, took photographs of various subjects and evaluating them, went through 74 st and 37th ave, took picture of outside world from different angles. Talked about: composition,light,line,in relation to an object.

Day 2:
What we did today was we first talked about the motion pictures, how to take a picture that has movement. Also when to follow the subject and when to just stay still, and the difference in pictures. After that we went to Flushing Meadow Park and we took pictures of ourselves spinning so we could catch a motion picture. In addition we also built pyramids to catch movement pictures as well. we also took pictures of different sports such as soccer, and we tried to see if we could catch them moving. Last we came back to school and reviewed the pictures that were taken.


Day 3:
We learned how to edit photographs using Photo shop. Things we learned were cropping,contrast,brightness,sharpness, zooming in and out, blur, and so much more.
We also went to the Museum “MOMA”. We looked at different graphic exhibitions as well, as paintings and photographs taken by famous women in history
We apologize for technical difficulties, we shall post the pictures tomorrow. 🙂
Day 4:
We went around the whole school trying to take pictures of all the Rensizzle groups. We took pictures of happiness,amine,hip hop,Greek taverna, latin american dance, and sports variety, drama ,and rugby. We also started to select photographs for our presentation and started editing them. 🙂
external image 008.JPG