Group Name: Video Games–TechYES

Teacher Leader/s: Liz, Ali, Dennis

About Us:

We are a group of students and educators that have come together to learn about and educate others about the who, what, when, why, where and how of video games.


TRCS Gamers Wiki

Student Participants:

7th Grade:

Kenji C.
Nahian C.
Luke R.
James M.
Jonathan J.
Elizabeth S.
David R.
Sajjad K.
Gabriel S.
Tenzing S.
Dillan S.
Steven S.
Powell Y.
Daniel M.
Anthony D.

8th Grade:

Javier E.
Hashim K.

9th Grade:

Tenzin S.
Pharaoh W.
Janaka D.
Roger L.

10th Grade:

Nathalie M.
Leslie M.
Dana R.
Umar K.
Michael C.

11th Grade:

Jonathan M.
Sequetta E.

Goal and Objectives: To play video games, learn about the history of gaming and the current technology, compare games and game systems, and have fun!


Monday, March 28–

Morning: Icebreakers, job group selection, planning the week (including special events, selecting jobs and creating objectives and plans)

Afternoon: Selecting study groups, creating wiki pages, researching focus areas.

Tuesday, March 29–

Morning: 9:00-10:00 Work in job groups, 10:30-12:30 Work in study groups and report back

Afternoon: Start planning presentation

Wednesday, March 30

Morning: Tournament

WE LEAVE AT 11:00 a.m. and will have lunch in Manhattan–please bring $ for lunch, bag lunch or let us know that you need lunch from the cafeteria.

Sony Wonder Tech Lab @ 12:45 p.m.

Thursday, March 31–

9-12 Presentation planning

12:00 p.m. Trip to Dave and Buster’s. Bring $10 to cover extra costs above and beyond Rensizzle funding (or let us know in advance if you cannot).

Friday, April 1–Presentations

Student Coordinators:


Luke, Johathan J., Anthony D. Elizabeth S.

Wiki/blog masters:

Dillan S., Leslie M., Nathalie M., Michael C., Sajjad

Technology coordinators (includes TVs and SmartBoard):

Nahian, Umar, Dana

Gaming coordinators (in charge of tournament):

Javier, Hashim, Daniel, Kenji, Jonathan M.

Food/trip coordinators:

Sequetta, Steven, Gabriel

Presentation coordinators (can either present or make sure presentation runs smoothly):

Tenzin S., Roger L., David R., Tenzing

Study groups:

Game Review

Students will examine systems used for video game review. What are the elements of a good review? Students may also write reviews of selected games based on game play.

Daniel, Gabe, Dillan, Michael, Sajjad, Kenji, David, Anthony, Steven, Javier

Video Game History

Where and when did video games start? What has the effect on our culture been? How has the technology changed?

Tenzin, Roger, Janaka, Nahian

Video Games in Education and Society

Should we be allowed to play video games in school on a regular basis? How can games help us learn and motivate us? Are they a useless distraction, or do they help develop necessary skills? What kind of value can we find in online communities that educate people about gaming?

Jonathan, Sequetta, Powell

Game Design

What does it take to make a game? Students will learn about the technological and creative aspects of designing a game.

Jonathan, Hashim, Umar, Tenzing

The Art of Gaming

Games can motivate creativity on many levels: there are people who take role-playing into the real world, people who create elaborate costumes or other works of art based on games, and fans who write fiction set in the universe of their favorite games. This group will explore this phenomenon and perhaps create some art of their own.

Leslie M., Dana, Nathalie, Elizabeth, Luke